If you are looking for an adventurous trip to the Dominican Republic, this itinerary is for you! Visit Santo Domingo on a bike tour and explore Santiago de los Caballeros. Finish your trip in Las Terrenas with its enchanting white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters.


  • Discover the Dominican Republic through its food
  • Relax on the white sand beaches of Las Terrenas
  • Go horseback riding through the jungle
  • Learn to snorkel and surf in the crystal waters

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Welcome to Santo Domingo – Guided City Biking Tour Santo Domingo
Day 2 Los Tres Ojos National Park Excursion Santo Domingo
Day 3 Transfer to Santiago de los Caballeros - Guided City Tour With a Local Santiago de los Caballeros
Day 4 Transfer to Las Terrenas via Playa Grande & Laguna Dudu Samaná
Day 5 Horseback Riding Adventure to El Limón Waterfall Samaná
Day 6 Free Day in Las Terrenas  Samaná
Day 7 Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Santo Domingo – Guided City Biking Tour

Explore the historic city sights

Upon arrival at Santo Domingo’s airport, your private driver will take you to your hotel. Check-in and get ready to start exploring this city with a local guide on a biking tour (walking tours are also available).

The tour will cover some of the city's most notable sights and cover its colonial history. As one of the oldest European settlements in the Caribbean, there's a lot of unique architecture and buildings to see. There's an undercurrent of energy to the city, thanks to its position as the country's capital. 

You will see the historic colonial center, which is surrounded by walls and preserves a legacy that dates back to the 16th century. You will stop at the Cathedral of Santa María la Menor, the Monastery of San Francisco, Fortaleza Ozama, the Hospital San Nicolás de Bari, and Colón Lighthouse, among other places of interests.

Day 2: Los Tres Ojos National Park Excursion

Explore the park

After breakfast, get ready to visit Los Tres Ojos National Park. Your private transfer will take you to the park where you will start today's adventure.

The Dominican Republic represents one of the most diverse territories in the Caribbean, thanks to its spectacular beaches, its people, and its natural wonders, such as Los Tres Ojos National Park.

You'll find the park just a few minutes from the center of the city of Santo Domingo. It was formed thousands of years ago after a cataclysm that caused the collapse of a large part of the rocks in the area, dividing it into 4 lakes. The history of the park shows evidence that its caves were inhabited by Aboriginal or Taino ancestors.

After returning to Santo Domingo, you will have some free time to explore the city.

Day 3: Transfer to Santiago de los Caballeros - Guided City Tour With a Local

Santiago de los Caballeros

In the morning, drive to Santiago de los Caballeros. While the Dominican Republic is primarily renowned for its sunny beaches and the buzzing energy of Santo Domingo, there are other places that are well worth your time to visit. 

One of those places is the province of Santiago. Located in the Cibao Valley, in the north of the country, Santiago was one of the provinces created by the first Dominican Constitution in 1844. The area has born witness to important historical events, such as the Battle of Santiago, which consolidates the first independence of the Dominican Republic.

Upon arrival to Santiago, check in to your hotel and get ready for your guided city tour with a local expert. After the tour, make a stop at the Leon Jimenes Tobacco Factory and Museum.  The first floor of the center features a beautiful series of permanent exhibits showing Dominican history and culture dating back to Taino times. You will also find a room dedicated to visual arts, where the winning pieces of the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest, created in 1964 to promote art and encourage new generations of Dominican artists, are exhibited. In an adjacent building, you will find an exhibition focused on tobacco, which tells of the heritage of the premium tobacco industry of the Dominican Republic.

Optional activity:

  • Cooking class: fusion is the best word to describe Dominican gastronomy. Coming from a mix of Spanish, African, Taino, and Arab influences, the variety of dishes, flavors, and textures that this country has been lost from sight. Accompanied by an expert chef you will learn how to cook some of the Dominican Republic's most famous dishes,
Plan your trip to the Dominican Republic
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Day 4: Transfer to Las Terrenas via Playa Grande & Laguna Dudu

Today your private transfer will take you to Samaná. On your way, you will make a stop at Playa Grande & Laguna Dudu.

Playa Grande, as its name implies in Spanish, is enormous. It is a spectacular beach for taking long walks on the beach, but also for lying on the sand and enjoying a good plate of grilled lobster (accompanied by a cold beer or coconut water).

The Laguna Dudú is a unique ecosystem of freshwater lagoons that surrounds the area. Nearly 2,300 ft (700 m) of tunnels connect two freshwater lakes, and you can spend some time exploring the blue waters. 

Upon arrival at your hotel in Samaná, you will have the rest of the day to relax on your own.

Day 5: Horseback Riding Adventure to El Limón Waterfall

Enjoy the refreshing waterfall mist 

After breakfast, start your hiking adventure to El Limón Waterfall.  This is an adventurous hike through the jungle landscape, which winds 1.5 miles (2.5 km) through the forest before reaching the El Limón waterfall. The falls cascade from the top of the Sierra de Samaná at a height of 130 feet (40 meters). Once you reach the waterfall, enjoy a relaxing dip in the water.

After some free time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, make your way back to the vehicle. You will finish today's excursion with a traditional Dominican lunch. 

You will have the rest of the day to relax on the beach.

Day 6: Free Day in Las Terrenas 

Spend the day on the beach

Today you can decide to relax at one of the many beaches of Las Terrenas or decide to do another day trip activity. 

Other options include exploring the coffee path by quad bike, snorkeling or diving to see underwater wildlife, or even whale watching. 

Beach Suggestions:

  • Cosón Beach: Located west of La Terrenas, this beach is ideal for walking while observing nature. The strong winds and swell are perfect for kitesurfing and surfing enthusiasts.
  • Playa Bonita in Samaná: This beautiful beach is a spectacle of nature. It has calm and crystalline waters and is bordered by beautiful coconut trees that plunge into the sea.
  • Las Ballenas Beach: Located in Las Terrenas a short distance from the town center lies this long beach of fine white sand. It has facilities for water sports and plenty of opportunities for kids to play in the shallow waters. 
  • Las Terrenas Beach A fishing village with Mediterranean air. It offers a wide variety of restaurants, bars and shops, as well as a vibrant nightlife that will satisfy any visitor. 
  • Portillo Beach A very popular beach, perfect for a walk along its golden sands and enjoying a refreshing swim in its calm and shallow waters.
  • El Limón Beach Located in El Limón, east of Las Terrenas and Portillo; this spectacular 4.8-kilometer beach has a beautiful view of Cayo El Limón. Visitors can delight in this area of ​​calm and crystalline waters of golden sands.
  • Morón Beach The charm of Playa Morón is its exuberant greenery, its fine golden sand and the changing colors of the sea. Visitors can also find ancient cannons from pirate times. 
  • El Valle Beach The Valley is located between two mountains to the north of the Samaná Bay. It is an ideal place to practice surfing thanks to the quality of its waves.
  • Cayo Levantado Island Beach This island surrounded has become one of the top places for romance, relaxation and the tasting of exquisite Dominican cuisine.

Day 7: Depart


After breakfast, your private driver will take you back to the airport to catch your flight back home. Adios!


Map of Dominican Republic Adventure: Santo Domingo & Samaná - 7 Days
Map of Dominican Republic Adventure: Santo Domingo & Samaná - 7 Days