Join a green tour through the beautiful country of Georgia. You'll traverse the nation east to west, from Lagodekhi near the Russian border to the autonomous Adjara region next to Turkey. Expect to pass by cities like Tbilisi and Mtskheta, visit nature reserves, and tour ancient ruins. Throughout the journey, you will be traveling aboard an eco-friendly vehicle, enjoying organic farm-to-table meals, and staying in family-owned hotels. 


  • Visit Svetitskhoveli Monastery, the burial site of Jesus' robe
  • Learn about traditional Georgian winemaking in Kakheti
  • Drink the healing mineral waters of Borjomi
  • See dinosaur footprints at Sataplia Nature Reserve
  • Meet the Shrosha potters—the best clay artisans in the country

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrival in Tbilisi Tbilisi
Day 2 Tbilisi & Mtskheta Tour Tbilisi
Day 3 Tbilisi to Lagodekhi Lagodekhi
Day 4 Lagodekhi to Mtskheta Mtskheta
Day 5 Mtskheta to Akhaltsikhe Akhaltsikhe
Day 6 Akhaltsikhe to Borjomi Borjomi
Day 7 Borjomi to Tskaltubo Tskaltubo
Day 8 Tskaltubo to Machakhela Machakhlispiri
Day 9 Machakhela National Park Tour Batumi
Day 10 Batumi City Tour Batumi
Day 11 Free Day in Batumi/Return to Tbilisi Tbilisi
Day 12 Depart from Tbilisi  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Tbilisi

Tbilisi at night
Tbilisi at night

Welcome to beautiful Georgia! Our representative will meet you at Tbilisi International Airport and help you transfer to your accommodation. 

After checking in, you'll have the rest of the day to relax and/or explore Tbilisi. Get acquainted with the capital city by walking around its Old Town, making your way to the river and the iconic Bridge of Peace.

Day 2: Tbilisi & Mtskheta Tour

View of Mtskheta and the confluence of Mtkvari and Aragvi Rivers
View of Mtskheta and the confluence of Mtkvari and Aragvi Rivers

Begin your Georgia trip with a tour to the country's former capital, Mtskheta, and its current capital, Tbilisi. 

Board an eco-friendly vehicle towards Mtskheta. On the way, you'll stop at Jvari Church, which is perched on top of a beautiful hill overlooking the confluence of Mtkvari and Aragvi Rivers. Its location graces it with beautiful views and fresh air from the Caucasus Mountains.

Once you get to Mtskheta, you'll visit the old town and its principal sight: Svetitskhoveli Monastery. The name of the monastery translates to “living pillar,” and it is believed to be the burial site of Jesus Christ’s robe. As the principal church in Georgia, the monastery is also one of the most revered places in the country.

Heading back to Tbilisi, you'll stop to taste the delights of a local lunch at a small family-run restaurant by the river.

Upon arriving at the capital, you'll begin at Metekhi Church and King Vakhtang Monument, where you will learn about the founding of the city. Then, you'll take a cable car to the ancient Narikala Fortress, which provides panoramic views of Tbilisi.

Make your way down to the Legvtakhevi Gorge and Tbilisi Waterfall before entering the famous sulphur bath area of the Old Town. Finally, you'll end the tour at the cozy café district of Shardeni.

Day 3: Tbilisi to Lagodekhi

Black Rock Lake in Lagodekhi National Park
Black Rock Lake in Lagodekhi National Park

Leave Tbilisi behind and get ready to embark on a two-day adventure through Kakheti, the birthplace of Georgian wine.

The journey follows a fascinating road through the Gombori Mountain Pass, whose scenery will captivate you. You'll do a quick rest stop at the highest point of the road, where you can stretch your legs, get a snack, and take pictures of the mountains and green hills.

After the pass, your first destination will be the village of Ruispiri. You will visit a small family-run biodynamic organic wine cellar and learn all about traditional Georgian winemaking. Of course, the tour will be followed by a wine tasting.

It will then be time to drive to the Gremi Architectural Complex—the remains of a 16th-century citadel in the middle of the Alazani Valley. Visit the Gremi Museum, and the Church of the Archangels.

Continue the tour with a visit to one of the oldest professional wineries in the area, located in the village of Eniseli. You'll try local wines made from indigenous grape varieties like saperavi, rkatsiteli, and mtsvane. Take a break from the activities to enjoy a delicious lunch at the winery.

Then it’s off to Lagodekhi National Park. Bordering Russia and Azerbaijan, the park offers visitors mixed forest, blooming Alpine flowers, and strong winds that sift through narrow paths.

In the evening, you'll have a short familiarization walk around the park. The walk will open up your appetite for the traditional Georgian dinner that awaits you back at your local family hotel.

Day 4: Lagodekhi to Mtskheta

Sighnaghi, the
Sighnaghi, the "City of Love"

Rise with the sun for a home-made breakfast, and a short hike in Lagodekhi National Park. Spend about two hours traversing up a small mountain river and breathing in the fresh air.

Then, you'll get back on the road and head to Sighnaghi, known as the “City of Love” because of its 24/7 marriage registry service. Previously a royal residence, you'll tour this small Kakhetian town and its ancient city walls with watchtowers.

You will then go to the village of Nukriani for a late lunch at a local house. Your host family makes their living by producing felt and woolen footwear. Have a pair custom-embroidered with your name (or someone else’s)!

Finally, you'll drive back to Mtskheta, where you will spend the night.

Day 5: Mtskheta to Akhaltsikhe

Rabati Fortress is a symbol of religious diversity
Rabati Fortress is a symbol of religious diversity
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After yet another wonderful home-style breakfast, continue to the Samtskhe-Javakheti region in the southwest of the country.

About 2 hours into your drive, you will arrive at the beautiful town of Borjomi. This small city is nestled between high mountains, and is home to numerous mineral water sources. It was because of the waters of Borjomi that the Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia commissioned the Royal Residence to be built here in the 19th-century. Visit Borjomi Park and try the water at its source. Continue to the nearby village of Chitakhevi to see St. George Church, dubbed the “Green Monastery” for its location inside a picturesque mountain forest.

A further 20-minute drive takes you to Atskuri village, where you'll spend some time at a small local farm. You will be introduced to agricultural traditions and enjoy a produce degustation, followed by a farm-to-table organic lunch.

Once you've properly rested, you'll make your way to Akhaltsikhe, the central town of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. The old city is home to the fascinating Rabati Fortress, which was originally built in the 9th-century. One of the most alluring characteristics of Rabati Fortress is that it boasts Georgian Orthodox, Armenian Apostolic, and Catholic churches. The town takes pride in this symbol of ethnic and religious diversity.

Enjoy a thorough fortress tour before heading to a local guesthouse to rest for the night.

Day 6: Akhaltsikhe to Borjomi

The cave city of Vardzia
The cave city of Vardzia

In the morning, continue your journey to Vardzia. This extensive and complex cave town transports you to the 12th-century, when Georgia was flourishing under the rule of Queen Tamar. Explore the remains of ancient caves, and learn about the history of the town.

For lunch, you will stop by a small local farm located on the banks of River Mtkvari. With its own solar-powered greenhouse, produce garden, vineyard, and livestock yards, this farm is considered a leader of sustainable development. Everything that you eat comes directly from the farm, so you will truly be getting a local taste.

In the evening, you'll head back to Borjomi to rest for the night.

Day 7: Borjomi to Tskaltubo

Martvili Canyon
Martvili Canyon

Drive west past the majestic mountain pass of Rikoti through a wavering road that traverses local mountain villages, small rivers, and numerous roadside restaurants.

You'll make a stop at Shrosha village, home to the best potters in Georgia. Traditional clay ovens, wine vessels, and other pottery has been made here for centuries. Visit a family of local potters to see their workshop in action, and pick up a handmade gift.  

Next, you'll arrive in the Samegrelo region. The area is famous for its distinctive nature, gentle climate, unique cuisine, and indigenous grape varieties. Visit a small family winery to try a very special limited-production wine, paired with a delectable lunch.

To end the day on a high note, you'll then drive to the famous Martvili Canyon, once a bathing place for the Dadiani royal family. Today, people visit the canyon to enjoy its scenery and waterfalls, and to take a gentle boat trip on the river.

Rest overnight at Tskaltubo.

Day 8: Tskaltubo to Machakhela

Forest path in Sataplia Nature Reserve
Forest path in Sataplia Nature Reserve

Start the day with a visit to the magnificent Sataplia Nature Reserve. Besides its beautiful nature, the reserve is famous for housing footprints of herbivorous and raptor dinosaurs. You'll be visiting these footprints, as well as unique karst caves, a colchic forest, and a wild bee habitat area, for which Sataplia–"Place of Honey"– is named. 

You'll then drive towards the Adjara region, an autonomous republic within Georgia. On the way, you'll stop  at the village of Shekvetili for lunch at a family-run seaside café.

After lunch, you'll venture further down the Black Sea coast and visit the “Georgia in Miniatures” park. This unique roadside attraction presents 44 miniatures of architectural monuments from all around the country. 

The drive continues to the Machakhela National Park, where you'll spend the night.

Day 9: Machakhela National Park Tour

Machakhela National Park
Machakhela National Park

Wake up early to the sound of a mountain river and enjoy a delicious breakfast. 

You'll start the day with a tour of the Machakhela National Park. During Soviet rule, the area was closed to the public because of its proximity to Turkey. Although this means that for a long time no one could enjoy this natural wonderland, the measures also prevented the park from being exploited.

Stop by the Visitor Center to learn about preservation and sustainability efforts in the region. Then,  drive up the mountains to see one of the oldest ethnographic museum collections in the country.

For lunch, you'll visit a local family that produces cheese and honey. 

On your way back, you'll stop at the medieval Tskhimlari Arch Bridge to take in the scenery and get some great pictures. Then, you'll spend the night in Batumi, the main city of Adjara.

Day 10: Batumi City Tour

Batumi Botanical Garden
Batumi Botanical Garden

After breakfast, you'll do a grand tour of the beautiful coastal city of Batumi. Visit the famous Batumi Boulevard, Europe Square, Nuriegel Lake, and the Piazza. You will also see the famous statue of “Ali and Nino,” a rotating metal sculpture of a man, Ali, and woman, Nino, slowly passing through and around each other. The piece represents love, as well as friendship between different nationalities.

Then, take a walk on Batumi Pier, and ride the longest cable car in the country up the mountain. You'll stand 820ft (250m) above sea level at the top of Anuria Mountain, which overlooks the city. 

After lunch, head to the Batumi Botanical Garden. You'll find hundreds of floral specimens from all over the world, and a myriad of scenic paths. Most of the paths eventually lead down to the shore of Mtsvane Kontskhi (Green Cape). Take a quick dip in the beach to cool down after all the walking.

Day 11: Free Day in Batumi/Return to Tbilisi

The statue of Ali and Nino in Batumi
The statue of Ali and Nino in Batumi

Spend a free day in the amazing summer city of Batumi. You can simply lounge by the beach, taking in the views and the sun, or visit the ancient Roman ruins of Gonio Fortress. Alternatively, you could arrange for a boat trip around the bay, or have a cultural day at the Batumi Archeological Museum.

In the evening, you'll take a scenic train ride back to Tbilisi. The drive is about 5 hours, and will let you experience the Georgian landscape through a different perspective.

Day 12: Depart from Tbilisi

Ancient thermal spas in Old Town Tbilisi
Ancient thermal spas in Old Town Tbilisi

It is time to leave the verdant beauty of Georgia behind. This morning, a representative will take you to the airport and help you with check-in procedures. 

Best of luck on your next adventure!


Map of Eco-Friendly Georgia Tour: Tbilisi, Lagodekhi, Borjomi, Batumi & More - 12 Days
Map of Eco-Friendly Georgia Tour: Tbilisi, Lagodekhi, Borjomi, Batumi & More - 12 Days