See the best of Georgia in this week-long tour, starting and ending in Tbilisi with guided walking tours and opportunities to explore its old castles, churches, monuments, mosques, and sulphur baths, plus endless museums and a natural waterfall within the Botanical Gardens. Then head into the Kakheti region in the heart of Alazani Valley, stopping at family-run wineries, monasteries, cave towns, and historic villages along the way. Visit renowned sites like the mountaintop Gergeti Trinity Church and the Jvari Monastery overlooking Georgia's ancient capital of Mtskheta.


  • Explore the historic streets, churches, and monuments of Tbilisi Old Town
  • Visit wineries and monasteries in the beautiful Kakheti region
  • Discover the mountaintop Gergeti Trinity Church near the Russian border
  • Visit the cave town of Uplistsikhe and the ancient capital of Mtskheta
  • Enjoy the incredible view of the Mtkvari River atop Jvari Monastery

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tbilisi - Explore the city Tbilisi
Day 2 Explore Kakheti with visits to wineries and ancient monasteries Telavi
Day 3 Discover the traditional villages of Zegaani Tbilisi
Day 4 Visit the mountaintop Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi Kazbegi
Day 5 Enjoy the cave town of Uplistsikhe and the ancient capital of Mtskheta Tbilisi
Day 6 Explore the streets and monuments of Tbilisi at your leisure Tbilisi
Day 7 Depart Tbilisi  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Tbilisi - Explore the city

Tbilisi Old Town
Tbilisi Old Town

Welcome to Georgia and its capital city of Tbilisi. Upon arriving at the airport, you'll transfer to your accommodation in the city center. Settle in and enjoy lunch before heading out for a sightseeing tour of Tbilisi.

Your personal guide will meet you at your hotel’s lobby in the late afternoon, leading you to the city's historic old town center. The Georgian capital, for many centuries of its existence, was a place where people of all faiths, cultures, and national backgrounds used to live together in harmony. This greatly influenced Tbilisi's layout as a contemporary metropolis filled with a unique history.

You'll start at the Metekhi Cathedral, an Orthodox church set on the banks of the Mtkvari River, and the Statue of King Vakhtang, where you'll hear Tbilisi's founding legend. Continue by cable car to the ancient Narikala Fortress, which houses the ruins of a 4th-century castle, plus a  restored church and vistas across the city. Next, walk down and into the National Botanical Garden of Tbilisi to the Legvtakhevi Waterfall, passing by the Orbeliani Baths and Tbilisi Central Mosque.

In the evening, you'll join your hosts for a welcome dinner of traditional Georgian cuisine.

Day 2: Explore Kakheti with visits to wineries and ancient monasteries

Enjoy a Traditional Lunch at a Winery
Enjoy a Traditional Lunch at a Winery

After breakfast at your hotel, you'll embark on a 2-day trip to eastern Georgia, in the region of Kakheti. As the heart of the Alazani Valley, this area is known for its ancient winemaking traditions. Numerous vineyards, as well as both large and small wine-producing facilities, are the biggest landmarks of the region.

After passing over the Tsiv-Gombori mountain range via Gombori Pass, your first destination will be the village of Ruispiri. You'll visit a small, family-run organic wine cellar, learning about traditional Georgian winemaking and enjoying a wine tasting. Afterward, you'll visit majestic Gremi. Once a former residence of Kakhetian kings, this 16th-century architectural monument consists of a royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels

Continue through the valley to visit yet another private winery, enjoying a small tour of the factory and a typical Georgian lunch. Your next stop is Nekresi, one of the oldest monastery complexes in the region. Sitting in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus mountains, this functioning 6th-century monastery overlooks the entire Alazani Valley.

In the evening, you'll arrive in the town of Telavi. Take some time to relax at your hotel before enjoying dinner.

Day 3: Discover the traditional villages of Zegaani

Aerial view of Sighnaghi
Aerial View of Sighnaghi

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast before continuing your tour of the Kakheti Region with a drive to the area of Zegaani. An oasis in the middle of the valley, you'll enjoy the dense forests with the ancient Zegaani Monastery dominating the scene.

Next you'll drive to the small, 18th-century town of Sighnaghi, also known as a “City of Love” thanks to a law allowing marriage registrations at any time, day or night. Previously a royal residence, this hilly Kakhetian town is surrounded by ancient city walls with watchtowers. Visit the churches at the top of the hill for incredible views of the Caucus Mountains across the valley.

Continue your journey by visiting a local family in the village of Nukriani, where you'll learn how to make traditional Georgian dish called Khachapuri. For lunch, you'll enjoy this oval-shaped, cheese-filled bread in the company of the local family, where you can discuss traditional life in Georgia.

In the afternoon, you'll return to Tbilisi. After settling into your accommodation, head out into the city for a stroll and dinner.

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Day 4: Visit the mountaintop Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi

Georgia's Famous Hilltop Gergeti Trinity Church
Georgia's Famous Hilltop Gergeti Trinity Church

Today you'll explore Kazbegi, a famous village close to the border with Russia. Along the way, you'll stop at the Jvari Monastery, a 6th-century architectural gem that sits atop a hill overlooking some of the country's highlights, including its old capital town of Mtskheta. You'll also enjoy views of the convergence of two rivers meeting the Mtkvari River, plus the busy transport highway entering Tbilisi.

Another site worth visiting is Ananuri Fortress Complex, a 13th-century castle with two churches and views of the Zhinvali Reservoir. It was once a residence for the Dukes of Aragvi, and has a long history involving many battles throughout the centuries.

Upon arriving in Kazbegi, you'll start the drive up to the famous Gergeti Trinity Church, which sits atop of one of the highest hills in Georgia, at over 7,000 feet (2170 m) in elevation. To make the trek, you'll switch to 4x4 vehicles, curving up the switchback mountain road and enjoying the incredible views along the way.

In the afternoon, you'll settle into your accommodation in Kazbegi, where you can relax before dinner.

Day 5: Enjoy the cave town of Uplistsikhe and the ancient capital of Mtskheta

Old town of Mtskheta
Ancient Capital of Mtskheta

As you make your way back toward Tbilisi, you'll visit the cave town of Uplistsikhe and Georgia's ancient capital of Mtskheta. In Uplistsikhe, you'll visit the remains of an ancient pagan settlement where all the houses were once carved inside the surrounding rocks, including a Christian basilica. Several excavations of the site have revealed findings from numerous populations spanning different eras.

Break for lunch at a private, family-run wine cellar for a wine tasting and a homemade meal. Then continue to Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia and one of the most important historical cities in the country. While enjoying the historical streets, stop at Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site revered as an architectural masterpiece of the Early and Middle Ages. The name of the cathedral means “living pillar” and it is widely believed to be the burial site of Jesus Christ’s mantle. 

Head back to Tbilisi in time to enjoy a traditional dinner at one of the many restaurants in its historic old town.

Day 6: Explore the streets and monuments of Tbilisi at your leisure

Tbilisi at Sunset
Tbilisi at Sunset

On your last day of the tour, enjoy the capital of Tbilisi at your own pace. Please note that no guide or transport will be provided, as the day is truly yours to explore.

After a leisurely breakfast at your accommodation, head out into the old town. Spend some time meandering the streets, exploring shops and boutiques for souvenirs or popping into different art galleries. Other suggested activities include:

  • Visit the Tbilisi Open Air Museum of Ethnography for geographical, cultural and traditional replicas of folk architecture and craftwork throughout the country. It's the biggest open-air museum in the Caucasus Region.

  • Relax at one of the famous sulphur bath houses. Legend has it that Tbilisi was originally founded at the city's sulphur water source and springs. Many tourists and locals visit the bath houses for their healing benefits.

  • Spend the afternoon walking through the Georgian National Museum and the Art Museum of Georgia to learn more about the regional history, which includes aspects of Georgia, Russia, and the Eastern world.

  • Enjoy a show at the Opera and Ballet Theatre of Tbilisi, or at least visit the building to marvel at its exterior and interior design.

To help you navigate the city on your final day, a travel guide for Tbilisi will be provided.

Day 7: Depart Tbilisi

Historic Buildings of Tbilisi
Historic Buildings of Tbilisi

Enjoy your final morning in Tbilisi with a leisurely breakfast and a final stroll through the historic town, then head to the airport to catch your flight.