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Kimkim's preferred activities can help you experience the best of Argentina. Trek on the majestic Perito Moreno glacier in Los Glaciares National Park, or visit the historic town of Luján de Cuyo for an afternoon of wine tasting and history. Experience the vibrant heart of Buenos Aires with an in-depth city tour and tango show, or swim with sea lions in their natural habitat in Puerto Madryn. And don't forget the high-altitude desert landscapes of northwestern Argentina, home to the vast salt flats and otherworldly rock formations. Make sure to explore our recommended activities in El Calafate, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, and Bariloche on your next visit to Argentina.

Enjoy lunch on the shore of Lago Mascardi
Kayaking & Trekking on Mascardi Lake
45 minutes south of the city of Bariloche, just off Highway 40, lies Lago Mascardi. This is a smaller body of water than others in Argentina's Lake District and thus is more intimate. It's the perfect location for a day excursion that mixes kayaking over the royal blue surface of the lake with...
The otherworldly landscape near Salar de Antofalla
Tolar Grande
Pyramids & Salt Flats: Tolar Grande - Cono de Arita - Salar de Antofalla
In northwestern Argentina, you'll find some of the most incredible high-altitude desert landscapes anywhere on earth. The region around Salta Province is home to painted mountains, expansive salt flats, and otherworldly rock formations. This excursion begins early in the morning with a drive in a...
Drive into the Andes
Historical Villages Tour in Mendoza River Valley
Just outside the city of Mendoza are untamed landscapes and historic sites. This tour follows the Mendoza River and passes a number of beautiful natural landmarks, including the Cordón del Plata mountain range, a subset of the Andes that is a popular trekking destination. One of the first stops...
The Obelisco, in downtown Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Full-Day Buenos Aires Walking Tour
To properly experience Buenos Aires, you must do so on foot. The city is a European-inspired metropolis with beautiful sights and hidden secrets nearly on every street corner. This excursion involves visiting the main points of interest in Buenos Aires aided by an English-speaking guide. The...
Snorkel with sea lions in Puerto Madryn
Puerto Madryn
Snorkeling with Sea Lions in Puerto Madryn
Puerto Madryn is located on Argentina's Atlantic coast, in the north of Patagonia. You might even consider this pleasant coastal town the gateway to Patagonia and all the natural splendor for which it is known. But Puerto Madryn itself is famous for its abundant marine life, particularly the area...
Gauchos are master horsemen
Buenos Aires
Gaucho Experience in Argentina
Just as North Americans have their cowboys, Argentines have their gauchos. This frontier culture is strongest in the Pampas (prairies) immediately surrounding the capital, as this is where the country was first settled. Gauchos are national symbols in Argentina, whether it's the real-life...
Magellanic penguins sharing a moment
Puerto Madryn
Penguin Colony at Punta Tombo
Far down the Atlantic coast in Argentine Patagonia exists one of the most incredible sites in the region: Punta Tombo. This tiny protected area (less than a square mile) is home to the largest colony of Magellanic penguins in Latin America. A boat tour of Punta Tombo embarks from the fishing...
Magnificent mountain views from Laguna de los Tres
El Chaltén
Hike to Mt. Fitz Roy
Los Glaciares National Park is a nearly 3,000-square-mile protected area in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. This Unesco World Heritage Site is home to some of the country's most awe-inspiring natural wonders, including the famous jagged peak of Mt. Fitz Roy. It's an iconic mountain that stands...
Hiking Perito Moreno, Argentina
El Calafate
El Calafate to Los Glaciares National Park - Perito Moreno Glacier Trek
Los Glaciares National Park, located in the Santa Cruz province of southern Argentina, covers nearly 1.5 million acres and is home to the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. It's a Unesco World Heritage Site that draws hundreds of thousands of international visitors each year. They come to view some...
Estancia El Ombú de Areco
San Antonio de Areco
The Pampas
This excursion involves a visit to a historic estancia (country home) located on the Pampas, central Argentina's famed prairie, near the town of San Antonio de Areco. This charming town is located about an hour from downtown Buenos Aires and is notable as being the hub of Argentine gaucho...
The view from atop Cerro Llao Llao
Hiking Bariloche
There's no better way to get to the heart of Argentina's famous Lake District than on a mountain hike around Llao Llao Municipal Park. Located just a few kilometers northwest of Bariloche, this protected area is situated on the lakeshore of Nahuel Huapi and takes up a relatively small area (just...
The Obelisco, in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires City Tour, Dinner, and Tango Show
There's no better way to get to the heart of a metropolis as complex as Buenos Aires than on a jaunt around the city. This three-hour walking tour provides an overview of Buenos Aires as well as insight into Argentina’s history and culture. It begins with a visit to the Retiro neighborhood as...
Touring Iguazú from the Argentine side
Iguazú Falls
Iguazú Falls - Argentine Side
The famous Iguazú Falls, located at the tri-borders of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil, are split into two parts: the Brazilian side and the Argentine side. The latter is a much larger section of the falls and comprises the protected area of Iguazú National Park. There are three circuit routes...
The perfect glass of wine
Mendoza Wine Tour
No visit to Mendoza is complete without discovering its rich wine culture. This experience includes visits to the most famous wine destinations around Mendoza, from the area around the town of Luján de Cuyo to the fertile soil of the Maipú Valley. It's a fun-filled excursion that mixes equal...
A vineyard in Cafayate
Cafayate Full-Day Tour and Wine Tasting
The Calchaquí Valley, in northern Argentina's Salta Province, is known for its high-altitude deserts and stunning natural red rock formations. But it's also a prime grape-growing area. The growing conditions here are so optimal, in fact, that it is a wine region to rival even Mendoza, in central...
Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse in the Beagle Channel
Beagle Channel Cruise
After the Amazon River, the Beagle Channel might be the most iconic waterway in all of South America. After all, this is the channel named after the HMS Beagle, the ship that carried Charles Darwin around the continent in the early 1800s. Today's excursion involves a local cruise that sails from...
Sample the incredible wines of Argentina
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Culinary Experience
While Argentina's cuisine may be defined by its beef, a closer inspection reveals a more eclectic array of dishes. And being the hotbed of activity that it is, the capital of Buenos Aires is the perfect place to learn about this culinary heritage in a fun and entertaining way. This is where the...
Get ready for some rafting
Rafting the Río Manso
Most people know Argentina's Lake District as a place to come for winter sports like skiing or for summer water activities on Lago Nahuel Huapi. But beyond the unspoiled wilderness and stunning royal blue lakes, there's also some great river rafting. The Manso River, in fact, is an epic waterway...
Coastal trail in Tierra del Fuego
Trekking & Canoeing in Tierra del Fuego National Park
Tierra del Fuego National Park is one of the most frequently visited places around Ushuaia, the southernmost city before Antarctica. It's close to the city and isn't expensive to enter, which means it's wide open for locals and visitors alike. It covers a sizeable 155,000 acres, so this...

Best Experiences in Argentina

7 Best Active Adventures in Argentina
7 Best Active Adventures in Argentina

To appreciate everything Argentina has to offer, you have to get moving. Try glacier-trekking (and picnicking) in Patagonia or horseback riding on a traditional ranch in the Andean foothills. Other options include hiking around the famed waterfalls of Iguazú, cycling through the remote northwest, and fly-fishing the streams of idyllic Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Boat sailing near Perito Moreno glacier
Map of Best Things to Do in Argentina
Best Things to Do in Argentina

Whales, wineries, waterfalls: need we say more? Argentina is paradise for travelers who appreciate the great outdoors, from glaciers to penguin colonies to windswept vistas from the hiking trail. Spend a week or two and you'll only wish you had more time to explore. Read on for our top picks on the best things to do in Argentina.