Gauchos are master horsemen
Gauchos are master horsemen

Gaucho Experience in Argentina, Buenos Aires


Just as North Americans have their cowboys, Argentines have their gauchos. This frontier culture is strongest in the Pampas (prairies) immediately surrounding the capital, as this is where the country was first settled. Gauchos are national symbols in Argentina, whether it's the real-life horsemen who still exist today, or the folk heroes of epic Argentine poems, like Martín Fierro, whose stories are passed down over generations.

This excursion is a real gaucho experience. It involves a visit to Santa Susana, a working Argentine estancia (ranch) that welcomes visitors with a reception featuring wine, soft drinks, and empanadas. After a guided tour of the property, it will then be time to do some horseback riding (or perhaps take a carriage ride) before settling in for a traditional folkloric music performance. Of course, everyone is invited to get up and dance.

Lunch here is an Argentine asado (mixed grill) paired with even more of the country's fantastic wine. Real gauchos will then showcase their prowess with the bolas—traditional throwing weapons comprised of round weights connected by cords. Their displays will demonstrate how these deceptively simple weapons, when used in the right hands, can be effective at bringing down horses, cows, and even people. 

After lunch, the gauchos will continue to showcase their abilities, this time as they perform a series of feats known as carreras de sortijas ("ring races"). These are typical in gaucho equine competition and showcase the cowboys' great skills on horseback. The day ends with a late-afternoon serving of mate, the popular tea-like infusion that is an indispensable part of Argentine culture.

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