The possibilities for a trip to Argentina are endless. Taste your way through vineyards at the foot of the Andes, see penguins at the tip of South America, learn the tango in metropolitan Buenos Aires—with so many options, this is a perfect destination for tailor-made travel. Learn how kimkim can help you plan (and book) your dream trip to Argentina below.

Why choose kimkim?

Connect directly to a local specialist in Argentina. We’re passionate about customizing a trip with authentic flavor and unique experiences that speak to your personality. Planning with us means working with an experienced, creative, and highly-vetted local specialist who lives and works in Argentina and will collaborate one-on-one with you to create the ideal vacation.

Your trip will be personalized to your specific tastes. Whether you’re interested in culture, outdoor adventure, wine tasting, road tripping, or all of the above, our specialists will put together the trip that is right for you.

This commitment to experiences and attention starts with our quick and fun onboarding process and continues through the length of your stay in Argentina.

Secure & Easy Booking

Once you are 100% happy with your trip plan, you'll be able to easily book your entire trip through kimkim's secure payment platform.

Customizing Your Perfect Trip

Once we have a sense of who you are and what you’re looking for, you’ll be matched with the right specialist. That might be based on the region of Argentina you’re looking to visit or activities you’re interested in. Because of their expertise and experience, they’ll also steer you toward the right location and time of year for your ideal adventure.

Your customized experience will also incorporate personalized approaches to accommodation, local guides, and even transportation. Our Argentinian specialists like to keep excursions meaningful with private tours or intimate group settings. Rather than being dropped off with 100 other people in Buenos Aires, imagine having a guide point out architectural marvels and history an equally impressive but lesser-known setting away from the crowds.

We only want you to interact with the best of the best at every point on your vacation. That’s why every professional you’ll work with on your trip—from hotel proprietors to drivers—are continuously evaluated by our specialists.  

Plan your trip to Argentina
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Local Specialists, Insider Knowledge

Our experts give suggestions based on traveler reviews and their own personal experience—not on who gives the highest commission. Their tips and insight not only add immense value to our process but set us and our style apart from our competitors.

These are experts who have spent years putting together tours and know the value that creativity and insight bring to your vacation. They are also proud ambassadors of Argentina, and they want to show you the best the country has to offer. 

Access to Hidden Gems

Our focus is on creating meaningful experiences that immerse you in Argentine culture. You’ll be led to Argentina's hidden gems: check out wine regions beyond Mendoza, spend the night on a traditional gaucho estancia, or attend a traditional fiesta in remote Iruya.

Unique Ways to Experience Argentina's Highlights

Not everyone wants to get completely off the grid—but even if you want to hit Argentina's most popular sites and cities, kimkim ensures a customized experience. At the popular highlights, you'll still experience Argentina like a local, learning about traditions, customs, and culture in an intimate setting, rather than in a big group, or trying to navigate on your own with a guidebook.

In-Destination Support and Suggestions

Kimkim’s travel experts are also there for you after you’ve decided on the details of your trip. Not only will your specialist provide with additional tips so you can make the most out of your vacation, but we are available to help once you land in Argentina. That means anything from suggesting a perfect restaurant to facilitating last minute changes to your itinerary (whenever possible) or assisting you if you hit a snag in your travel plans.

Climate Neutral

Kimkim trips are 100% climate neutral. Plan your trip with us and support sustainable initiatives around the world, reducing your impact and strengthening communities along the way. Learn more

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