Los Glaciares National Park is the largest national park in Argentina, and can be divided into two sections: the northern half around Viedma Lake, which includes El Chaltén, Mount Fitz Roy and the Cerro Torre; and the southern half around Argentino Lake, where you can find the Perito Moreno and Upsala Glaciers. The southern half is most easily accessible from El Calafate, a town on the shores of Argentino Lake but outside the park. 

If you want to hike through southern Patagonia and see spectacular scenery up-close, check out this 15-day itinerary that takes you through Argentina and Chile. This slightly shorter 11-day itinerary focuses on Argentine Patagonia and takes you to both parts of Los Glaciares National Park. 

From El Calafate

Duration: 1 hour to the southern half, 3.5 hours to the northern half

Reaching the southern half of the park from El Calafate is quick and easy and takes about an hour. You can book a tour that includes hiking on top of the Perito Moreno Glacier and lunch, or take a public bus (which does not include the glacier walk). 

To see the northern half from El Calafate, your best option is to travel to El Chaltén to visit Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre from there. You can reach it by taking a bus, private transfer or renting a car and driving. There are stunning views of Fitz Roy when you get closer to El Chaltén, so make sure to take your time and drive slowly (or pick a window seat). 

From Buenos Aires

Duration: 3-hour and 15-minute flight, plus 1 hour to the southern half and 3 hours to the northern half

When you're traveling from Buenos Aires, you can fly to El Calafate from both Aeroparque (AEP) and Ezeiza International Airport (EZE), which is useful if you're arriving internationally. Aeroparque is located in Palermo and can be easily reached by taxi or private transfer. If you're traveling to Ezeiza from the city center you should book a private transfer in advance or take a shuttle bus, which leaves from Puerto Madero every 30 minutes. 

Once you arrive in El Calafate, you can take a tour (or the bus) to the southern part of Los Glaciares National Park—options include walking on the Perito Moreno Glacier or taking a boat ride to see the Upsala Glacier (which is not accessible by land) up close. 

To see the northern part of the park, you can take a bus, private transfer or rental car directly from the airport to El Chaltén, and plan your visit from there. 


Map of How to Get to Los Glaciares National Park
Map of How to Get to Los Glaciares National Park