Sample the incredible wines of Argentina
Sample the incredible wines of Argentina

Buenos Aires Culinary Experience, Buenos Aires


While Argentina's cuisine may be defined by its beef, a closer inspection reveals a more eclectic array of dishes. And being the hotbed of activity that it is, the capital of Buenos Aires is the perfect place to learn about this culinary heritage in a fun and entertaining way. This is where the Argentine Experience comes in. It's a convivial gastronomic odyssey that celebrates great Argentine food and wine.

Hosted in the trendy neighborhood of Palermo, guests at this unique "dinner party" share a table while enjoying/preparing gourmet food and the country's famous wine, such as the Malbec varietal. Professional hosts explain the uniqueness of Argentine culture and how it reveals itself in the nation's food.

The evening begins by preparing three different kinds of wine cocktails as well as some delicious tapas to pair with them. The hosts instruct guests how to seal empanada dough using the traditional repulgue folding technique, and how to make alfajores (delicious Argentine cookies) from scratch. Guests even learn how to prepare maté, an herbal tea that is the lifeblood of the country. Of course, throughout the evening, there will be ample opportunity to try different boutique wines from the house cellar. At the end of the night, all the guests will have enough culinary knowledge and experience to practically be considered honorary Argentines!

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