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Introducing Russia

Make the most of your time in Russia
Spanning two continents over millions of miles, Russia is the world's largest country by far—and this vastness is reflected in its diverse possibilities for travel. Architecture and history bring world travelers to the European side while adventurers head to Russia's eastern expanse, drawn to the natural wonders of Northern Asia. From Moscow's old-meets-new atmosphere and the cultural hotbed of St. Petersburg to the remote Siberian tundra, Russia offers many lifetimes of exploration. 

When should I go?
Unless you're keen to experience the legendary Russian winter—which has a charm of its own, especially in glittering St. Petersburg—plan to visit in summer, between May and October. Nature is at its most showy and temperatures are warm, inching toward 90°F in the southern resort areas. Planning to visit in spring or fall? You may want to reconsider—March, April, and October through December all bring freezing rain (and lots of it), making sightseeing unpleasant at best.

Where should I go?
Moscow and St. Petersburg are where most travelers start, and you could spend your entire trip in just one of these cities without seeing all there is to see (more info on this below). Road trip the Golden Ring route, stopping to check out great food and golden-domed churches in eight medieval towns. Travelers with an interest in history will want to spend time at WWII-era battlefield sites in Stalingrad and Kurst and centuries-old villages like Staraya Russa.

Summer is a nice time to check out Sochi, a posh resort area on the Black Sea known as the "Russian Riviera." Or take an epic cross-country train journey on the Trans Siberian Railway—explore the lakes, peaks, and outposts of the Altai and Ural mountain ranges, learn about the region's geology, and extend your trip all the way to Mongolia or China. 

How many days do I need?
With 5 days you can have a satisfying trip getting to know one of its major cities plus a day trip—or, split your time between Moscow and St. Petersburg for a quick highlights tour of both. With more than a week, you can comfortably see both cities and add visits to a medieval town in the Golden Ring, along with Novograd or Lagoda and historic battlefields. With 2 weeks, add a two-day excursion down the Volga River, stopping at off-the-beaten-path towns along the way.

Russia Travel Insights

Timeless scene in Suzdal
Russian Capitals & Golden Ring Tour - 14 Days

Russia is sometimes described as a nation of two souls. Moscow represents old world tsarist Muscovy, with its Orthodox faith, onion domes, and thousand year history. St. Petersburg is an elegant city born from Enlightenment, aristocracy, and revolution. Discovering these two contrasting capitals is pure travel magic, and this exciting tour of Moscow and St. Petersburg will give you a taste of their compelling stories.

Magnificent Domes of St. Basil's Cathedral
Russia's Capital Cities & Golden Ring Tour - 7 Days

Russia has sometimes been described as a nation of two souls. Moscow represents traditional tsarist Muscovy, with its Orthodox faith and nearly 900-year history—not to mention the legacy of the authoritarian Soviet Union. St. Petersburg speaks to another side of Russia: a nation of intelligentsia, inspired by the Enlightenment. This tour provides an in-depth overview of Russia's contrasting capitals, along with the historic towns of the Golden Ring.

View of the Kremlin from the Moskva River
Highlights of Russia's Capital Cities - 8 Days

Moscow and St. Petersburg may be Russia's twin capitals, but each has a distinct spirit of its own. This tour helps you discover both cities by exploring beyond the highlights to hidden local gems. Whether this is your first time in Russia or a repeat visit, you’ll be sure to find something new and exciting on this tour.

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