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Insights from kimkim local specialists for our hand-selected hotels in San Sebastián, Spain
San Sebastián, with its culinary reputation and picturesque beaches, is an enticing destination for many travelers, and kimkim's recommended hotels reflect that. For a historic property, try something like Catalonia Donosti, where you can enjoy the grandeur of a refurbished old convent, take in views from the rooftop pool, and relax in your velvet and marble room. Abba San Sebastián Hotel is another popular choice, positioned in a Baroque palace on the scenic Paseo de Francia and just a leisurely walk from the Old Town and the riverfront. If you're after something more whimsical, you have options like Zinema7, nestled in the Amara neighborhood and immerses you in the city's film legacy through movie-themed rooms and a cocktail bar.
Hotel Arrizul Catedral
Arrizul Catedral Hotel is a boutique hotel located in the center of San Sebastián, a five-minute walk from La Concha Beach. Guests can enjoy exclusive and free services, such as Basque products tasting, a coffee corner, and a breakfast buffet. Other amenities include free high-speed Wifi,...
Hotel Bed4U Zurriola
Hotel Bed4U Zurriola is in the Gros district of San Sebastián and just a five-minute walk from Zurriola Beach. Rooms are simple yet modern with a bright and airy ambience, white linens, lightwood, and black and gray elements. Amenities include a breakfast buffet, cafeteria-snack bar, a 24/7 gym,...
Hotel Leku Eder
Hotel Leku Eder is a traditional family-owned property located on the hillside of Mount Igeldo with views of Cantabrico Cove. The rooms are conventional, trapped back in time, with standard furnishings and WiFi. The hotel also provides free outdoor parking and a bright dining room with sea views,...
Legazpi Doce Rooms & Suites
Legazpi Doce Rooms & Suites is a boutique property in a historic area of San Sebastián, just beside Gipuzkoa Plaza. The hotel offers comfortable rooms with decor inspired by Basque cuisine, colors, and textures, some with balconies. The hotel also offers six apartments, perfect for longer...
Photo courtesy of NOBU Hotel San Sebastián
Nobu Hotel
The new Nobu Hotel & Restaurant San Sebastián opened in July 2023 as a luxurious lifestyle destination located in the heart of one of the gastronomic capitals of Europe, overlooking the stunning La Concha Bay. The hotel offers 17 stylish, spacious guest rooms and suites with beach views. The...

Hotel Advice for San Sebastián, Spain

The best boutique hotels in San Sebastián (photo courtesy of Lasala Plaza Hotel)
Map of The 13 Best Boutique Hotels in San Sebastián
The 13 Best Boutique Hotels in San Sebastián

San Sebastián's boutique hotel scene matches its foodie, with some of the best options offering hip downtown locations, delicious Michelin-starred restaurants, unique settings like restored 19th-century villas, and rooftop terraces with outdoor pools. As a bonus, as a laid-back city, some of San Sebastián's best hotels fall into the more affordable mid-range and standard categories. After visiting this Basque hub and searching for the top accommodations, kimkim staff recommends these 13 options.

Best rooftop pools in San Sebastián (photo courtesy of Lasala Plaza Hotel)
Map of The 8 Best Rooftop Hotels in San Sebastián
The 8 Best Rooftop Hotels in San Sebastián

Though most rooftop terraces in San Sebastián are only open through the summer months, some of the city's best hotels have them—which might be exactly what you need to enhance your stay. Kimkim staff checked out San Sebastián's famous rooftop hotels and listed the top options below. Many pair this perk with other amenities, like an outdoor pool, on-site restaurant, spa, and historic elements.

The best rural hotels in the Basque Country (photo courtesy of Hotel Heredad de Unanue)
Map of The 11 Best Hotels in the Basque Countryside
The 11 Best Hotels in the Basque Countryside

The Basque countryside is an exceptionally scenic stretch along northern Spain, between the Bay of Biscay and the region's inland hills. If you'd like to pair a city escape in Bilbao or San Sebastián with a rural retreat, kimkim visited and vetted several hotels in the Basque countryside, and some of the best come with incredible views, historical charm, and expansive outdoor spaces. Most of these top picks require a car or private transfer, but your reward is a relaxing stay among nature.

Enjoy views of San Sebastián's La Concha from your hotel suite  (photo courtesy of Hotel SANSEbay)
Map of The 6 Best Hotels Near the Beach in San Sebastián
The 6 Best Hotels Near the Beach in San Sebastián

San Sebastián is famous for its long, picturesque La Concha Beach and waterfront promenade, so staying at a hotel near the sea or at least within quick walking distance is definitely a perk. Though there aren't too many options, kimkim staff visited San Sebastián and found the best hotels near the beach. And many properties provide amenities like rooftops, restaurants, spas, and suites with large windows opening up to the bay to make your stay even more memorable.

Best historic hotels in San Sebastián (photo courtesy of Hotel Maria Cristina)
Map of The 13 Best Historic Hotels in San Sebastián
The 13 Best Historic Hotels in San Sebastián

Historic hotels are aplenty in San Sebastián, and some of the best include those housed in luxurious villas, beautiful convents, and even famous city landmarks. After visiting and evaluating the hotels in San Sebastián, kimkim staff agreed that these 13 options were the best regarding historic elements, architecture, backstories, and amenities. And despite their age, these hotels still provide modern comforts like on-site restaurants, opulent lobbies, outdoor pools, stylish rooms, and more.

The best budget-friendly hotels in San Sebastián (photo courtesy of Hotel Arrizul Catedral)
Map of The 9 Best Budget-Friendly Hotels in San Sebastián
The 9 Best Budget-Friendly Hotels in San Sebastián

As a relaxed city that focuses on its authenticity, you'll find that some of San Sebastián's best hotels actually fall into the standard category, meaning they're a bit friendlier on the budget. After visiting the city and checking out numerous hotels, the kimkim staff was impressed by the quality of this selection, ranging from modern urban properties with fresh aesthetics to charming yet rustic countryside retreats. You'll even find excellent amenities at some choices, including on-site restaurants, wellness facilities, bike rentals, and outdoor terraces.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Maria Cristina, a Luxury Collection Hotel
Map of The 4 Best Luxury Hotels in San Sebastián
The 4 Best Luxury Hotels in San Sebastián

Though San Sebastián is known for its authentic, laid-back charm, the city does have three luxury hotels for those seeking an upscale stay. Kimkim visited the top hotels in the city and recommends the following 5-star options, all offering exclusive amenities like incredible city or sea views, high-end dining options, relaxing spa treatments, and/or elegant decor.

Best hotels in San Sebastián's Old Town (photo courtesy of Lasala Plaza Hotel)
Map of The 4 Best Hotels in San Sebastian's Old Town
The 4 Best Hotels in San Sebastian's Old Town

Spanish Old Towns are a perfect place to stay, and the best hotels of this category in San Sebastián are some of the city favorites. When kimkim staff visited and vetted the city's hotels, the following properties made the cut for San Sebastián's small yet charming historic center. Most are budget-friendly properties with prime locations and perks like trendy, modern rooms, a delicious breakfast, and terrace views.

Photo courtesy of Lasala Plaza Hotel
Map of The 13 Best Mid-Range Hotels in San Sebastián
The 13 Best Mid-Range Hotels in San Sebastián

Known for its down-to-earth, authentic character, there aren't many luxury properties in San Sebastián, meaning its mid-range selection is where you'll find the city's best hotels. Kimkim staff traveled to the Basque gem and visited over 30 of its accommodations, and by far, the mid-range hotels were the most impressive. Save a little money while enjoying perks like historical buildings, sea views, outdoor pools, on-site dining, and more.

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