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Insights from kimkim local specialists for our hand-selected hotels in Granada, Spain
Granada, a city in Southern Spain, is a popular destination for many travelers wanting to explore its Moorish history, the Alhambra, and its vibrant fusion of culture. Kimkim's recommendations include options like Palacio de Santa Inés, where you'll stay in a 16th-century Mudéjar building, complete with an inner courtyard and Alhambra views from select rooms. If you want to sleep in the Albaicín neighborhood, you have many choices, like Hotel Casa 1800 Granada set in a historical Arab house with wood-beam ceilings and antique furnishings. For a stay that combines comfort with historical exploration, opt for something a little more luxurious, such as Áurea Catedral Hotel, with its proximity to the Granada Cathedral and on-site Turkish bath.
Áurea Catedral Hotel
· Comfort
Áurea Catedral encompasses several historic houses and preserves its history with ​​Neo-Pompeian paintings on its facade and a glass-encased archaeological site with old stone ruins. Guests can enjoy breakfast or a drink in the inner courtyard of a 16th-century manor house or relax in the sauna...
Palacio de Santa Inés Hotel
· Mid-range
Palacio de Santa Inés offers a quiet refuge in the busy Granada neighborhood of Albaicín. The 35-room hotel is set across two 16th-century Mudéjar buildings, and you'll notice several preserved elements, including wooden terraces in its traditional inner courtyard. Top-floor rooms with balconies...
Hotel Casa 1800 Granada
· Comfort
Hotel Casa 1800 Granada lets you sleep in the most historic part of the city (the Albaicín neighborhood) in a 16th-century Arab house, once home to lords and counts. You'll find many hidden nooks on the property where you can relax and enjoy the history. The hotel is steps away from Carrera del...
Casa Morisca Hotel
· Mid-range
Hotel Casa Morisca is an award-winning historic hotel in Granada, honored for its impeccable restoration efforts. You'll stay in a beautiful 15th-century Moorish house and enjoy breakfast in its downstairs cistern. The hotel is just up the street from Paseo de los Tristes in the historic...
Parador de Granada
· Luxury
Stay at one of Spain's famous Paradores, a trend of turning historic sites into accommodations. Parador de Granada is in a 15th-century convent on the Alhambra grounds, giving you views of the beautiful palace and its elaborate gardens. Sleep in historic rooms, relax on the sundeck, and dine at...
Casa del Capitel Nazari Hotel
· Mid-range
Hotel Casa Del Capitel Nazarí is a good option for basic yet historic accommodation. The hotel is in a restored 16th-century palace with original wood ceilings and other historical elements, plus an ideal location in the Albaicín neighborhood. Though these are the property's main perks and the...
Villa Oniria
· Comfort
Set a little outside Granada's city center, Villa Oniria feels like a perfect reprieve. The 19th-century building, once a private palace, contains a neoclassical interior but preserves its traditional Andalusian courtyard with a quiet garden. The 31-room hotel opened in 2007. Enjoy dining at the...
Hotel Palacio de Santa Paula, Autograph Collection
· Luxury
For a truly serene hotel, consider Palacio de Santa Paula, named after the building it encompasses, the 16th-century Santa Paula convent. Part of the hotel also includes a 12th-century house, so you'll find large and small inner courtyards, plus picturesque nooks and crannies throughout the...
Hotel U-Sense Granada Centro
· Comfort
It doesn't get more central than Hotel U-Sense Granada Centro, which opens up to Plaza de Bib-Rambla, the city's buzzy square with 17th-century fountains. Though central, the hotel offers a quiet reprieve and channels the city's Art Deco and mid-century styles with warm, bright, and cozy decor....
Hotel Puerta de las Granadas
· Mid-range
This modern, bright, slightly chic hotel offers a unique location just two minutes from the historic 16th-century Puerta de las Granadas, a stone archway leading to the Alhambra. This site is where the property gets its name, Hotel Puerta De Las Granadas. You'll find several amenities to enjoy,...
Hotel Hospes Palacio de Los Patos
Set in a 19th-century palace, you'll enter Hospes Palacio de los Patos through tall iron gates and a grand staircase leading to a lovely lobby. But the highlight of the hotel is certainly its gardens, which feel like an oasis and nearly surround the hotel. Some of the rooms have preserved...
Room Mate Leo
Stay right in Granada's downtown, directly on a busy shopping street and steps away from sites like Plaza de Bib-Rambla, Catedral de Granada, and the Albaicín. Room Mate Leo offers simple rooms yet outdoes itself with a top-floor breakfast buffet and a rooftop terrace with Alhambra views. This is...
Hotel Alhambra Palace
The Hotel Alhambra Palace isn't in the Alhambra; instead, the creator used the Nasrid's grand building as inspiration, opening this luxury accommodation in 1910. The interiors are truly stunning, and the entire hotel sits on a cliff with views of the city, the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and...
Shine Albayzín Hotel
If you want your first steps outside the hotel to be on the historic Carrera del Darro, which follows the small river at the foot of the Alhambra, this is the place for you. The city's energetic buzz is at your doorstep, and you can easily walk to all the sites in the Albaicín neighborhood. The...

Hotel Advice for Granada, Spain

Hotels with Alhambra views in Granada (Photo courtesy of Palacio de Santa Ines)
The 7 Best Hotels with Alhambra Views in Granada

A trip to Granada allows you to explore the city's most famous site, the Alhambra Palace. Opt for accommodation overlooking the Alhambra to truly appreciate this architectural and historical gem. Our picks offer vistas of the palace from common areas like lounges and rooftop terraces or even from your own room.

The Best Boutique Hotels in Granada (Photo courtesy of Hotel AC Palacio de Santa Paula )
The 7 Best Boutique Hotels in Granada

Whether you want to stay right on the city's main boulevard, in the historic Albaicín neighborhood, or literally in the Alhambra, you'll find boutique options catering to a range of budgets. On top of location, the best boutique hotels in Granada offer amenities like outdoor courtyards, on-site eateries, and Alhambra views.

Family-friendly hotels in Granada (Photo courtesy of Hotel Alhambra Palace)
The 7 Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Granada

As a city filled with history, Granada is an excellent destination for a family trip. Adults and kids alike love exploring the streets of the Albaicín, walking the grounds of the Alhambra, and discovering the city's unique history. On top of excellent locations, the best family-friendly hotels in Granada offer perks that kids love, such as extravagant breakfast buffets, spacious rooms, on-site restaurants, and rooftop terraces.

Luxury boutique hotels in Granada (Photo courtesy of Hotel Alhambra Palace)
The 4 Best Luxury Boutique Hotels in Granada

In a city as historic as Granada, you can easily elevate your experience with luxury accommodation. But you can still keep your stay personal and intimate by booking one of the best luxury boutique hotels in Granada, all set in ideal locations and with perks like on-site gourmet restaurants and rooftop terraces with views.

Best hotels in Albaicín (photo courtesy of Hotel Casa Morisca)
Map of The 5 Best Hotels in the Albaicín in Granada
The 5 Best Hotels in the Albaicín in Granada

One of the most historic areas of Granada is the city's Albaicín neighborhood, the old Moorish quarter with origins in the 11th century. Perks of staying in this area include charming and twisting cobbled streets, endless history, and incredible viewpoints. The best Albaicín hotels in Granada offer historical quarters, views of the Alhambra, and the advantage of being in the middle of the action.

Standard hotels with Alhambra views in Granada (Photo courtesy of Palacio de Santa Ines)
The 4 Best Standard Hotels with Alhambra Views in Granada

In Granada, the city's most famous site is the Alhambra Palace. If you're traveling on a budget and want to fully enjoy this architectural and historical gem, consider our list of the best standard hotels with Alhambra views in Granada. These budget-friendly properties offer views right from your room or cozy rooftop terraces.

Standard boutique hotels in Granada (Photo courtesy of Hotel Casa Morisca)
The 5 Best Standard Boutique Hotels in Granada

Boutique hotels offer a quieter, more personalized experience that allows you to understand the city's history a bit better. The best standard boutique hotels in Granada have unique characteristics like charming historical elements, views of the Alhambra, and central locations in the Albaicín neighborhood and city center.

Mid-range boutique hotels in Granada (Photo courtesy of Hotel Casa 1800 Granada)
The 5 Best Mid-Range Boutique Hotels in Granada

Some of the best mid-range boutique hotels in Granada repurpose buildings like 16th-century Arabic houses, 19th-century palaces, and those with facades covered in Neo-Pompeian. The city's history runs deep, and you can enjoy it starting with your accommodation.

Luxury boutique hotels in Granada (Photo courtesy of Hotel Palacio de Santa Paula)
The 3 Best Luxury Family-Friendly Hotels in Granada

Granada, with its compact Old Town, is a walkable and interesting city—a perfect place for a family trip. Enjoy wandering the historic streets of the Albaicín, learning about the city's unique past, and touring the grounds of the Alhambra, then relax in one of our picks for the best luxury family-friendly hotels in Granada.

Mid-range family-friendly hotels in Granada (Photo courtesy of La Bella Granada)
The 4 Best Mid-Range Family-Friendly Hotels in Granada

Spain is an excellent destination for families who love to explore historical monuments, and Granada has one of the most famous sites: the majestic Alhambra Palace. But the city's unique history goes beyond its Nasrid palace, including the streets of the Albaicín neighborhood. You'll find plenty of the best mid-range family-friendly hotels within walking distance of all these famous sites.

Standard family-friendly hotels in Granada (Photo courtesy of Palacio de Santa Ines)
The 3 Best Standard Family-Friendly Hotels in Granada

If you're planning a family trip to Spain and have your sights set on Granada, know that you can find some of the best standard family-friendly hotels within walking distance of all the historical sites. Some of our top picks sit perfectly between Alhambra and the city center, making it easier for kids to explore the city.

Mid-range hotels with Alhambra views (Photo courtesy of Hotel Casa 1800 Granada)
The 3 Best Mid-Range Hotels with Alhambra Views in Granada

Many travelers set their sites on Granada for the city's famed Alhambra Palace, an architectural and historical haven worth exploring. To fully enjoy this masterpiece, you might want to pick from our list of the best mid-range hotels in Granada with Alhambra views, a category that offers this perk along with plenty of comforts.

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