Arenal Volcano Hike


If you've ever wanted to hike near a volcano, this experience is for you! Set in Arenal Volcano National Park, you'll enjoy a moderate two-hour hike along a trail that takes you over hardened remnants of a lava flow from 1968—the year of Arenal's last major eruption. The event was so catastrophic that it transformed some of the region's topography: lava fields now dominate one side of the volcano.

You'll find a network of trails winding through these lava fields and the surrounding rainforest, many offering short hikes (about one-half mile (1 km)), whereas others reach about two miles (3 km). Along the way, you'll find lookout points featuring prime views of Arenal's iconic peak. The best time to enjoy a volcano hike is during the drier months between February and April; the lack of rain ensures the trails will be dry and accessible.

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