The waterfall at Río Celeste

Explore Río Celeste in Arenal/La Fortuna


The Rio Celeste river sits inside Tenorio Volcano National Park and is one of Costa Rica's most beautiful and mysterious natural places. According to local legend, after God finished painting the sky, He washed the paintbrushes in this river; hence the name—Rio Celeste means "river of the sky." However, the scientific explanation attributes the river's blue hue to the mixture of sulfur and carbonate, which originate in the nearby dormant Tenorio Volcano.

The river is surrounded by rainforests and home to many species of wildlife, including sloths, anteaters, and various exotic birds. Despite Rio Celeste's unparalleled beauty, this is one of the least-visited tourist locations in Costa Rica, meaning the park doesn't get too crowded and preserves its natural state.

You can easily visit Rio Celeste on a day trip from Arenal, Monteverde, or even the Guanacaste coast. Upon arrival, enjoy a hike through the rainforest on the banks of the river and stop along the way at Los Teñideros, where the color originates. As two brooks meet, they cause a chemical reaction that forms the turquoise-colored river. Continue the hike until you reach the famous Río Celeste waterfall.

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