Sky Adventures Park in Monteverde

Sky Adventures Monteverde Park is an aerial amusement park that raises jungle excitement to the next level. Located within the 40-square-mile (102-square-km) Montverde Cloud Forest Reserve, its Sky Tram network of gondolas transports visitors from one adrenaline-pumping activity to another.

Must-experience activities within the park include a guided Sky Walk, which combines trails and suspension bridges that ultimately reach heights of up to 984 feet above the jungle canopy. As you traverse these bridges, flora and fauna of the region will be on full display, and specialized guides will point out the most interesting specimens. You can also ride in an open-air Sky Tram gondola, ascending over the rainforest while enjoying sweeping views over the mountains. 

The Sky Tram leads to the starting point of one of the most exhilarating activities in the park: the canopy tour. For this adventure, you'll connect to a zipline cable that stretches over the treetops and across canyons. You'll then fly down the mountain and over the treetops, ultimately returning to the starting point at Sky Adventures' main building. Sky Trek is regarded as the most thrilling zipline in the country.

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