Coffee, Chocolate, & Sugar Cane Tour at El Trapiche in Monteverde

Farm in the Monteverde Coffee Tour
This culinary adventure takes place at El Trapiche Sugarcane Mill in Monteverde, starting with an introduction to the history of coffee in Costa Rica, including its cultural and economic importance. In the process, you'll examine the life cycle of a coffee plant: from seed to plant to fruit. You'll learn how farmers pick coffee cherries and learn about the workers who immigrate to the country during harvest season. If you're visiting when coffee cherries are ready to be selected (from November through February), you can pick a few cherries yourself!

Next, learn how farmers traditionally removed the pulp from the coffee cherry and then washed and separated it. Finally, at the drying patio, you'll notice how Costa Rica's hot and dry climate allows the coffee beans to dry naturally in the sun while spread out on a large terrace.

Your next stop is the warehouse, where workers sort the coffee beans into big fiber sacks that allow the beans to breathe and complete their aging process. This is also where the selection of coffee beans, the roasting, and the packaging of the coffee takes place.

At the end of the tour, try a deliciously fresh cup of coffee at the onsite restaurant.  

This experience also includes a visit to the chocolate processing center. Here, you'll participate in the chocolate-making process and learn how farmers convert small cocoa beans into delicious chocolate. Then, discover the traditional methods behind roasting and grinding the beans while tasting a range of tasty chocolates.

Finally, you'll learn about the importance of sugar cane in Costa Rica. Your guide will help you extract sugar cane using a traditional press, and you'll enjoy a glass of pure sugar cane juice. A sweet ending to a lovely tour!

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