Beaches & History on Zlarin Island, Zlarin Island


Just 30 minutes by boat from Šibenik lies the unspoiled island of Zlarin. Known locally as the "Golden Island," Zlarin retains its turn-of-the-twentieth-century charm and beauty: quaint orderly villages, crystal clear waters, and a mix of secluded rocky and sandy beaches that outline its coast.

With a small population of residents, no cars, and next to no tourism, Zlarin welcomes those looking to run free and explore its family-friendly beaches backed by fig and cypress trees and dense forest. And as the island receives a significant amount of annual sun, your chances are pretty high of having that perfect beach day.  

From Šibenik, you'll catch a ferry to the town of Zlarin, a cluster of houses at the center of a pointed bay, where you can visit the seasonal Coral Museum to discover the island's coral harvesting past. There is the odd coral souvenir shop in the alleyways behind the harbor if you'd like to do a little shopping, though more than likely, you're here for a day of sun and sea.

Next, make your way to the western side of the bay, following any paths that will lead you to your private piece of the island. Alternatively, seek out something more "wild" as you venture further away from the town! Or, if you prefer something more active, there are plenty of opportunities for kayaking or paddleboarding.

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