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Enjoy the best of Croatia with kimkim's handpicked activities. Experience Hvar's rich winemaking history that dates back to the ancient Greeks, or navigate the labyrinthine Old Town of Split, the unexpected home of Diocletian's 4th-century palace. Farther south, experience authentic Croatian culture firsthand with a visit to a family farm in Konavle, where you'll learn to prepare a traditional peka meal. And if you're a nature lover, don’t miss the hiking trails and scenic waterfalls of Krka National Park. Check out our recommended activities in Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik, and more for your Croatia adventure.

Hvar Island
Wine Tasting on Hvar
4 hours
Get to know Hvar's 2,400-year history through its vineyards. The island has produced delicious varietals for centuries, starting with the ancient Greeks who first planted vines on Hvar in the 4th century BCE. The Stari Grad Plain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and where you'll find most of the...
Looking down on Split from Marjan Hill
Explore Split & Diocletian's Palace
Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and home to the dazzling Diocletian’s palace, a 4th-century haven for the Roman emperor Diocletian. Although the palace has changed its appearance over the centuries, with its surroundings eventually becoming a medieval city and, today, a modern...
Family Farm Visit & Authentic Croatian Meal in Konavle
4.5 hours
Just south of Dubrovnik is the beautiful Konavle region, which hosts various traditional villages. You'll join a local family at their farm in the little village of Cilipi. After touring the farm and getting to know your hosts, you'll learn how to prepare a delicious, authentic Croatian peka...
Waterfalls and a stone mill in Krka National Park
Krka National Park
Explore Krka National Park
0 hours
Explore one of Croatia’s highlights, the famous Krka National Park. This green oasis is named after the Krka River and offers hiking trails, emerald lakes, scenic waterfalls, and swimming holes. The park is also known for its multiple endemic species of birds, fish, and amphibians. Apart from the...
Town and fortress of Klis
Wine Tasting & Lunch near Klis Fortress
5 hours
Set off to explore Klis Fortress (also known as the city of Mereen in the popular TV series, Game of Thrones). Discover the 2,000-year-old fortress and see where some of the famous TV scenes were filmed. While you walk and learn, enjoy stunning views of Split, the Adriatic Sea, and the islands in...
Marjan hill
Bike Tour of Split & Marjan Hill
3.5 hours
Combine an active bike ride with a history lesson as you pedal through the ancient city of Split, tackling the hills of nearby Marjan Hill Park for incredible views over the city and islands. You'll start at Sv. Jere Church in Marjan Park, learning about Split's origins and history. Pedal around...
Stiniva  beach on Vis Island
Blue Cave
Explore the Caves & Beaches of Vis Island
7 hours
Small group
Embark on an excursion to see the amazing Blue and Green Caves of Vis Island! The first stop is the incredible Green Cave, in which you can swim and snorkel or enter with a guide on the small boat. The cave gets its name from a tiny hole in the ceiling due to one of the wars, which allows a...
Dolac Market Food Tour Zagreb
3.5 hours
Dive deep into Croatian cuisine with this foodie tour of Zagreb. Hit the streets of the country's capital, learning about its history and culture through your taste buds. Zagreb's food scene is an essential part of its culture. From its lively open-air markets to hidden local favorites, you can...
Discover Korčula's Archipelago
4 hours
Discover Korčula's surroundings and enjoy a boating excursion through its archipelago. Also known as the Škoji Islets, this cluster includes 18 islands accessible by boat, including Vrnik (the only inhabited island) and Badija (featuring a Franciscan Monastery). You'll depart from Korčula Town...
Great biking, walking, and running trails in Kamenjak National Park
Cape Kamenjak
Beach Day & Water Sports in Cape Kamenjak
Discover the beautiful Cape Kamenjak, the Istrian peninsula's most southern point. Protected as a nature park, the peninsula offers various secluded coves and beaches, some of the best in the Pula region. Here you can relax, soak in the fresh salty air, and enjoy the mesmerizing sea as you swim,...
Explore Zadar's Historic Charm
Self guided
Explore the often-overlooked star of Dalmatia, the historic seaside city of Zadar. As the largest city on Dalmatia's northern coast, there's a lot to see and do. You can stroll the marble streets of Zadar's famous Old Town—once the mightiest fortress city in the Venetian Republic—or wander beyond...
Plate of soparnik (a type of savory pie) with prosciuto and cheese
Afternoon Food Tour of Split
3 hours
Explore Split through your tastebuds with a walking food tour through the heart of the city. You'll meet your guide in the afternoon, where you'll learn a bit about Split's regional cuisine and culinary history. Then, meander over to a restaurant to taste a few local specialties, including...
Cycling & Wine Tasting on Korčula
5 hours
Small group
Spend the day on a cycling tour across the island of Korčula, from the historic Korčula Town to the lush vineyards of Lumbarda. Along the way, you'll make several stops at beaches, scenic vistas, and wineries. First, you'll pick up your bike and meet your guide in Korčula; then, you'll head out...
The Ancient city of Sibenik
Day Trip & Traditional Meal in Šibenik
6.5 hours
Enjoy exploring the charming seaside city of Šibenik, home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and several fortresses. Šibenik is a beautiful coastal town full of history and beauty. Wander through its quaint streets, visit local artisan shops, and enjoy coffee or tea at St. Lawrence Monastery...
Olive Oil Tasting in Istria
Explore the beautiful countryside of the Istrian Peninsula in search of some of the world's best olive oil. Istria has earned the title of the best olive-growing region more than once, rivaling its Italian neighbors. Your first stop will be the small town of Vodnjan for a visit to one of the...
Galesnik Island, the first in line of the Pakleni Islands
Pakleni Otoci
Sea Kayaking the Pakleni Islands
3 hours
Small group
Directly in front of Hvar Town sits a string of wooded islands known to locals as Pakleni otoci (Pakleni Islands). Pack your swimwear and towel and head to the town's beachfront for a sunset kayaking tour. The islands are the most beautiful part of the Hvar Riviera and a favorite retreat for...
Cycle in Rovinj's Countryside
Enjoy a scenic day of cycling through the countryside surrounding beautiful Rovinj. The path starts and ends in Lone Bay at the entrance of Punta Corrente Forest Park. As you bike along the trail, you'll enjoy scenes of nature interwoven with interesting history, passing sites such as the Villas...
Hvar Town and the Pakleni Islands at sunset
Stari Grad
Hvar Off-Road Tour
Enjoy a full day of off-roading fun with your partner, friends, or family as you cover Hvar's undulating island terrain, accented with vineyard-covered hills, thick olive groves, and fragrant fields full of rosemary and lavender. Set out from Hvar Town along a dirt road to the abandoned...
Ancient Roman ruins at Salona
Visit Trogir, Klis, & Solin
8 hours
Self guided
For lovers of history and archaeology, there is a wealth of medieval and Roman ruins in the immediate surroundings of Split.Set on a small island—a stepping stone between the mainland and the much larger Čiovo—is the ancient coastal city of Trogir. It's a small place, and it doesn't take longer...
Ancient Hilltop Town of Motovun
Explore the Inland Villages of Istria
Discover Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula, known for its history, olive oil, wines, and truffles! Despite being a peninsula, Istria is the most developed region in Croatia and has plenty of tourism. The western coast features seaside towns, such as Umag, Novigrad, Poreč, and Rovinj....
Hike in Medvednica to Zagreb's Medvedgrad Castle
4.5 hours
Many European cities have castles, but not all sit atop a forested hill surrounded by hiking trails and a dense nature park. Well, Zagreb is one of them! For lovers of hiking, mountain biking, or the outdoors, you can enjoy a moderate trek through the Medvednica Nature Park to Medvedgrad, one of...
Prepare a traditional Mediterranean meal
Cooking Class in Trogir
Located 45 minutes west of Split is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Trogir, a port town on a small island just off the mainland. Encircled by medieval walls, Trogir's gorgeous Old Town is a mix of romanesque and neoclassical architecture, making it a romantic destination on any Croatian...
Town of Rovinj
Walking Tour of Rovinj
2 hours
Deemed one of the most romantic places in the Mediterranean, it's not hard to fall in love with Rovinj. Embark on a city tour, which takes you back in time via its cozy cobblestone streets winding through the Old Town. Spend time getting lost in the charming streets lined with regional...
Sailing in the Adriatic
Sailing Tour: Blue Cave, Vis Island, Blue Lagoon & Pakleni Islands
This exciting full-day excursion covers the islands of Biševo, Vis, Drvenik Veli, and the Pakleni islands on a beautiful sailboat—a great way to explore the Adriatic and visit a few of the stunning and individual islands that make up the Dalmatian coast. You'll set out from Hvar Town and first...
Day Trip to Mostar
10 hours
The Balkan region is compact, meaning some areas allow for easy day trips into neighboring countries. This is certainly the case for Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, two countries that share a lot of history but remain distinct in culture. From southern Croatia, it's an easy day trip to the...
The crystalline waters of the quiet Blue Lagoon of Drvenik Veli
Blue Lagoon & Šolta Island Boat Tour
Not far from the bustle of the ancient Roman city of Split and the equally dynamic island-city of Trogir rests a number of the coast-hugging central Dalmatian islands, including Drvenik Veli and Šolta. Quieter than most, you'll delight in the sun and sea on a full-day excursion to these island...
Veliki Tabor Castle in the rollings hills of Zagorje county
Castles & Villages of the Zagorje Region
6 hours
Just a few miles northwest of Zagreb lies Zagorje, a bucolic hilly region dotted with Renaissance and medieval fortresses, numerous baroque castles, and family-run vineyards and farms. It's a memorable, romantic landscape that will take you back in time to a sense of both the aristocratic past...
Grazing sheep at sunset
Rab Island
Hike on Rab Island
As the second-greenest Croatian island (after Mljet), Rab offers numerous and varied hiking and walking trails covering a wide range of landscapes. From dense holm oak forests (one of the last of its kind) in the southwest of the island to the barren ridge stone desert in the northeast and...
Photo: Novak Elcic. Mljet National Park is a lush and tranquil place covered with forests. Just the place for people in search of perfect relaxation in nature
Mljet Island
Day Trip to Mljet National Park
9 hours
Self guided
Located southeast of Korčula, Mljet Island is often called Croatia's greenest island. The entire western portion is covered in lush vegetation, protected as a Mljet National Park. There are plenty of roads and trails to walk around to enjoy nature, or you can boat to the islet of St. Maria inside...
A beach on Korčula
Beach Day on Korčula Island
Explore the incredible coastline of Korčula Island and spend the day relaxing on one of the local beaches. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from the options below. Lumbarda Beach, also known as Vela Przina Beach, is the biggest sandy beach in the area, so it's quite popular. What...

Best Experiences in Croatia

Fort Lovrijenac, outside the city wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Map of Best Things To Do in Croatia
Best Things To Do in Croatia

Once a secret destination of in-the-know travelers, Croatia is bursting upon the international scene. And for good reason: This tiny country on the shores of the Adriatic Sea has more than its share of natural wonders, beautiful coastline and picturesque islands.

Sailing boat anchored along the Dalmatian Coast
Best Water Activities in Croatia

Croatia’s coastline runs more than 1,100 miles. Add the shorelines of 1,185 islands, plus its inland lakes, rivers, lagoons, and waterfalls, and it’s clear that the country is a paradise for watersports enthusiasts. You can sail among the islands, kayak the inland rivers and lakes, snorkel or scuba off the Adriatic coastline or kitesurf, fish, or even bungee jump during a vacation in Croatia.

Tour Croatia through its diverse culinary scene
Top Culinary Experiences in Croatia

Croatia's culinary traditions boast influences from many other cultures, including Italy, Austria, Hungary, and the Balkans. You'll find rich foods in the north, truffle-infused fare in Istria, and seafood along the coast. Zagreb is a haven for markets and contemporary cuisine, and distinct wine regions cover nearly the entire country. You can go truffle hunting, taste olive oils, or shuck oysters, all while sipping unique heritage wine varietals that thrive in Croatia's harsh soils.

Views of Dubrovnik
Top Historical Experiences in Croatia

Croatia is a prime spot for history buffs, with numerous cultural influences from centuries of various rulers and empires. In Zagreb, enjoy "mini Vienna" with grand Austro-Hungarian architecture and museums depicting life from the Bronze Age to the time of Yugoslavia. Head west to Istria for true Italian vibes, or venture south along the coast and visit some of Europe's most historical relics, including Diocletian's Palace in Split and the walled city of Dubrovnik. Even the islands host an abundance of unique rural history!

Hvar Town at Sunset
The Best Things to Do on Hvar

Hvar Island encompasses everything visitors love about Croatia: golden beaches, emerald waters, lavender fields, craggy peaks, ancient towns, and unique cuisine. For these reasons, it's one of the most popular islands. On Hvar, you can hike on medieval trails to scenic vistas, explore villages founded by the Greeks, go wine tasting, kayak to secluded coves, and visit neighboring islands. When hungry, eat a traditional meal cooked in a peka and take advantage of Hvar Town's buzzy nightlife.

Istrian town of Motovun
Top Cultural Experiences in Croatia

Croatia's distinct shape, coastal location, and dynamic history have created a unique and diverse culture. So, whether you're hunting truffles in Istria's countryside with its Italian vibes or castle hopping near Zagreb with its Austro-Hungarian grandeur, there's an abundance of cultural activities to enjoy. Dive deep into the country's culture by meeting with the locals, taking day trips to smaller towns and cities, and eating traditional cuisine.

Croatia is a wonderful destination for families
Top Family Experiences in Croatia

Croatia is a family- and kid-friendly destination, filled with hiking, paddleboarding, castle hunting, and plenty of beach time. The country's culture works well for families of any age, as it's slow-paced with tasty cuisine and activities that you can adapt to your interest. Discover waterfalls in national parks, go truffle hunting in Istria, or explore one of the numerous islands that dot the Croatian coastline. End each day with ice cream and a sunset.

Beautiful Zadar
Best Things to Do in Zadar

Zadar is a vibrant seaside city in Northern Dalmatia with roots dating back to the 9th century BCE. Discover influences from the Romans, Venetians, and Slavs, plus archeological gems, such as the Byzantine St. Donatus Church, and modern creations like the sea organ. But what makes Zadar so special is its location among several of Croatia's best natural environment, including Paklenica's canyons, Kornati's archipelago, Plitvice's waterfalls, and Sjeverni Velebit's craggy peaks.

Looking to Zagreb's Hilly Old Town
Best Things to Do in Zagreb

Many travelers skip Croatia's vibrant, youthful capital in favor of the coast, but Zagreb perfectly complements any Croatian itinerary. With grandiose Austro-Hungarian architecture, a never-ending calendar of festivals and events, the best coffee scene in the country, and nearby hiking and skiing, there's plenty to see and do in buzzy, authentic Zagreb.

The hilltop villages of Istria
The Best Things to Do in Istria

Istria is Croatia's largest peninsula, sitting in the country's northwest corner near Italy and Slovenia. Throughout the centuries, it's been ruled by the Venetian Republic, Italy, and the Austrian Empire, to name a few. With so many different cultural influences, you have a unique and scenic landscape filled with olive groves, vineyards, forests with truffles, beaches, Roman ruins, grand villas, fishing ports, national parks, and more.

Split's waterfront at sunset
Best Things to Do in Split

Split is Croatia's second-largest city, complete with a vibrant waterfront promenade, ferry connections to the Dalmatian Islands, and an Old Town nearly enveloped by the 4th-century Diocletian's Palace. In one day, you can explore the city's original Roman cellars, relax on a quiet beach along Marjan Park, discover the Illyrian Kliss Fortress, and nosh on fresh seafood. Enjoy your days meandering the marbled streets or hiking, kayaking, or taking day trips to the islands, national parks, and nearby medieval villages.

Stunning Korčula Town
The Best Things to Do on Korčula

Korčula isn't just beloved by tourists; it's also a favorite among Croatians. This is because Korčula combines the best of the country with its rich history, incredible scenery, and distinct culture. Enjoy lazing on secluded beaches, wine tasting across the island, kayaking along the shore, wandering the charming streets of medieval towns, eating makaruni (the island's signature pasta), and watching traditional Moreska dances, all in the same day.

Discover Croatia with an active excursion
Top Active Experiences in Croatia

With a diverse landscape filled with rocky mountain peaks, jagged cliffs, rushing rivers, and endless coastline, there's always something active to do in Croatia. Explore the country's idyllic scenery by paddleboarding through archipelagos, hiking to hidden viewpoints, kayaking along the coast, or cycling through vineyards. In addition, Croatia has some of Europe's most beautiful national parks, all perfect for an active outdoorsy itinerary.

Explore Croatia's renowned coastline
Top Beach Excursions in Croatia

With a stunning coastline weaving down the Adriatic Sea and more than 1,000 islands, you can bet Croatia is a beach destination. In the north, you'll find stretches of pebbles hugging the Istrian peninsula and the many islands off the coast of Kvarner. In the south, spend your time island hopping (and beach hopping) in Dalmatia, discovering some of Europe's most scenic sandy corners, including the famous Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) on Brač Island.

One of Dubrovnik's Harbors
Best Things to Do in Dubrovnik

The history of Dubrovnik's walled city runs deep, back to the 7th century CE and Middle Ages, when it was a wealthy and independent republic. Step back in time as you wander the labyrinth of twisting alleyways and take in the views from atop the walls. Explore Gothic churches, 600-year-old synagogues, marble monuments, and a string of local beaches. Excursions along the coast, hikes into the hills, and adventures to small towns all compliment local food, wine, and legendary sunsets.

Sail along Croatia's stunning coastline
Top Sailing Experiences in Croatia

One of the most popular activities in Croatia is sailing, which should come as no surprise considering the country's long and narrow shape hugs the Adriatic Sea. With over 3,000 miles of coastline and more than 1,000 islands, the country is a prime spot for sailing excursions. So whether you're looking for day trips to the archipelagos or an entire itinerary sailing from spot to spot, you can find it in Croatia. Discover islets, caves, lagoons, and rugged coves all by boat.