Hvar Island encompasses everything visitors love about Croatia: golden beaches, emerald waters, lavender fields, craggy peaks, ancient towns, and unique cuisine. For these reasons, it's one of the most popular islands. On Hvar, you can hike on medieval trails to scenic vistas, explore villages founded by the Greeks, go wine tasting, kayak to secluded coves, and visit neighboring islands. When hungry, eat a traditional meal cooked in a peka and take advantage of Hvar Town's buzzy nightlife.

Getting Oriented

Views from Hvar Town's fortress.

Once you visit Hvar, you'll quickly understand why it's Croatia's most popular island. It offers a little bit of everything so that anyone can enjoy a visit to Hvar. You'll find lively nightlife near quaint historic villages, inland hiking above coastal kayaking, local food next to some of Croatia's best restaurants, and modern conveniences alongside ancient ruins. You can travel to Hvar in any season, although it's quiet in the winter months.

Set in Southern Dalmatia, Hvar is nestled amongst the Makarska Riviera to the east, Brač to the north, Vis to the west, and Korčula to the south. The west is far more lively, with Hvar Town and Stari Grad, plus the Pakleni Islands. The east is more rural and barren, but you'll find family farms, vineyards, and some of the best beaches.

To get to Hvar, you'll need to take a ferry from Split (1-2 hours), Dubrovnik (3.5 hours), or Drvenik on the mainland (35 minutes). Several ferries run between the Dalmatian Islands, so you can easily island hop!  

Get Active

Hvar is one of those places that's worth visiting in all four seasons. Although it's quieter and colder in the winter months, there's still so much to see and do outside. 

Cycling Tour

Hvar is known for its abundance of lavender fields. 

Cycle along one of Hvar's numerous routes, passing through the rural side of the island. You'll start in Stari Grad and bike within the Stari Grad Plain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site established by the Greeks in the 4th century BCE. Cycle through lavender fields, olive groves, and vineyards while stopping at remote hamlets, scenic vistas, and popular coastal villages like Jelsa and Vrboska. Read More

Hike The Lost Villages

The old village of Brusje on Hvar Island.

Hvar is one of the most popular Dalmatian Islands in Croatia, which means it can get a little crowded. Get off the beaten path with this unique exploration of the island's hidden villages. You'll start in Hvar Town and walk along the old trail used as the main route during the Middle Ages. As you make your way toward Malo Grablje, you'll stop in quaint villages, absorb incredible views, learn about Hvar's history, and enjoy a traditional peka meal. Read More

Sea Kayak the Pakleni Islands

The unique-shaped Pakleni Islands near Hvar Town.

The shape of the Pakleni Islands is perfect for weaving a kayak in and out of scenic coves, bays, and beaches. Leaving Hvar Town, you'll make your way around the wooded islands, known for their laid-back vibes and quaint coastal villages. Stop to enjoy a swim, relax on the sandy shore, or walk around a buzzy marina. Read More 

Plan your trip to Croatia
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Dive Into The Culture

Hvar's distinct culture is one aspect that drives the crowds. Get away from the crowds, discover the hidden side of the island, and taste some of Hvar's famed wine.  

Hvar Offroad Tour

Views of vineyards and Hvar's rocky coastline.

Visitors of all ages enjoy this off-roading experience as you traverse the scenic island of Hvar and savor the views. Highlights of the excursion include the 16th-century village of Malo Grablje, the lavender scents surrounding Velo Grablje, time relaxing on Soline Beach, and views of Stari Grad (Croatia's oldest township) from atop Vidikovac. Enjoy a traditional lunch along the way and opt for a visit to the famously steep vineyard terraces. Read More

Wine Tasting

Visit the vineyards of Hvar, originally planted by the Greeks in the 4th century BCE.

Hvar's wine culture is as old as its history, starting with the Greeks in the 4th century BCE. The Stari Grad Plain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts some of the best wine estates in Croatia, including the oldest Plavac Mali vineyard in the world (Plavac Mali is known to be the original Zinfandel). You'll tour the vineyards, cellars, and production processes and enjoy tasting several indigenous grapes paired with local delicacies. Read More

Take a Day Trip

With Hvar's perfect location, it's easy to hop from one island to the next. Both Korčula and Vis are ideal for day trips.

Day Trip to Korčula

The scenic harbor of Hvar Town.

Take advantage of the ferry system and enjoy a day trip to the neighboring island of Korčula. The island's unique culture and history combine influences from the Mesolithic people, Greeks, Romans, Hungarians, and French and Marco Polo's home. Enjoy exploring the Old Town, visiting sites like the Land Gate, St. Mark's Cathedral, and the art collection at the Bishop's Treasury. Read More

Explore the Caves & Beaches of Vis Island

Stunning Stiniva beach on Vis Island.

Take a day trip to Vis Island, known for its clear waters, stunning caves, and some of the best beaches in Dalmatia. You'll stop at both the Blue Cave and Green Cave, where the sun sneaks in through cracks to illuminate the water, giving off blue and green hues. Spend some time at one of Croatia's most beautiful beaches, Stiniva Beach, then stop at Palmižana Bay in the Pakleni Islands to have lunch and relax. Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Hvar Itinerary

The lavender fields of Hvar at sunset.

Since it's one of the most popular Croatian islands, it's easy to center your trip around Hvar or include it in a greater adventure. Give yourself at least three full days to discover the island, explore the culture, and enjoy a day trip. If you'd like to add some time in Split, Dubrovnik, or the Makarska Riviera before catching the ferry, plan for 5-7 days. 

To plan a longer trip, consider what you'd like to see and do to determine how many days to spend in Croatia. For example, you can fly into Zagreb, make your way down the coast, and then fly out of Dubrovnik (or vice versa). This way, you can make the most out of your time without needing to backtrack. Popular combinations include Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik; Hvar, Split, Zagreb; Hvar, Split, Zadar, Istria, Zagreb; Hvar, Vis, Korčula, Split, Dubrovnik.

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