One of the most popular activities in Croatia is sailing, which should come as no surprise considering the country's long and narrow shape hugs the Adriatic Sea. With over 3,000 miles of coastline and more than 1,000 islands, the country is a prime spot for sailing excursions. So whether you're looking for day trips to the archipelagos or an entire itinerary sailing from spot to spot, you can find it in Croatia. Discover islets, caves, lagoons, and rugged coves all by boat.

Getting Oriented

Discover scenic views of historic cities along the Adriatic Sea.

Croatia is a hot spot for sailing excursions, thanks to its long and narrow shape that hugs the northeastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. The country boasts over 3,600 miles of coastline and more than 1,200 islands, all offering ideal scenery and conditions for a sailing adventure. In the north, you can glide through the waters of Rovinj's archipelago or the islands in Northern Dalmatia, including the unique peaks of the Kornati Islands. Of course, the Dalmatian Islands are a favorite place to sail, but you can also go further south and explore the archipelago just off the coast of popular Dubrovnik

Sailing Northern Croatia

Most water-sport enthusiasts make a line straight to Croatia's Dalmatian Islands, forgetting about the incredible and unique scenery of Northern Dalmatia. Discover the curious formation of the Kornati Islands and sail around Rovinj's stunning archipelago. 

Sail the Kornati Islands

Sail and swim along the Kornati coastline.

Discover the unique beauty of the Kornati Islands, an archipelago consisting of about 90 or so "drops" of barren land. You'll sail around them, enjoying views of secluded coves (some worth a stop for swimming or snorkeling) and crystal-clear waters exposing reefs buzzing with life. Highlights include the Tureta Fort from the Illyrian period, the rock formations of Klobučar, Mana, and Rašip Veli islands, and Lojena Beach on Levrnaka Island. Read More

Discover Rovinj's Archipelago

Discover the string of islands off Rovinj's coast.

Explore the 20+ islands and islets that fan out from Rovinj's Zlatni Forest Park, stretching from the Lim Fjord in the north to the coastal town of Barbariga in the south. Most of the islands are clustered around Rovinj, with the two largest (St. Andrew and St. Catherine Islands) offering facilities like restaurants, cafes, and bars. The rest are covered in dense vegetation, home to over 456 plant species in total. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing in hidden coves and inlets. Read More

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Sailing the Dalmatian Islands

Of course, the cluster known as the Dalmatian Islands in Southern Dalmatia is an excellent place to sail, as you have your pick of scenic and rugged coastlines. Vis, Pakleni, Korčula, and more all offer incredible landscapes worth exploring by sea.

Explore Vis, the Blue Lagoon, & Pakleni Islands

Glide through the sea surrounding the scenic Pakleni Islands.

Enjoy a sailing excursion that covers the islands of Biševo, Vis, and Drvenik Veli, plus the Pakleni Islands. Your first stop is the mesmerizing iridescent blue waters of the Blue Cave (Modra špilja), followed by the stunning pebble beach of Stiniva Bay and the famous Blue Lagoon (Krknjaši). Enjoy a stop here for swimming and snorkeling before exploring the bays and inlets of the nearby Pakleni islands archipelago, a collection of 14 wooded and rocky islets. Read More 

Sail From Vis to Lastovo

Explore the curious Blue Cave off the coast of Vis Island.

Sail between the two islands of Vis and Lastovo, stopping to explore the interesting natural phenomena at The Blue Cave. You'll also make several stops to swim and snorkel, and visit another island to grab lunch. Upon arrival at Lastovo, enjoy exploring the idyllic islet. Like Vis, it was closed to the world until the 1980s, so much of its original culture is still intact. Explore 15th- and 16th-century architecture, including stunning churches and towers. Read More

Sail Korčula Island 

Vela Luka Bay on beautiful Korčula Island.

Enjoy a lovely day sailing around the entirety of Korčula. It's easy to stay on one side of the island and miss out on its natural diversity, as each side of Korčula offers a different scene: from the fortified walls of Korčula Town and the pebbly and pristine beaches of Lumbarda to the rocky shores and lush nature of Proizd and Ošjak islands near Vela Luka. Make the trip your own and take breaks to swim and explore rocky coves as you please! Read More

Sailing Dubrovnik

If you're visiting Dubrovnik, why not include an excursion out to the Elafiti islands, all situated just off the coast from the city's ports. 

Sail to the Elafiti Islands

Dubrovnik's coast is dotted with scenic islands.

Discover Dubrovnik's own archipelago, the Elafiti Islands. You'll explore the three main islands, Koločep, Lopud, and Šipan, by sailing along the coast, weaving in and out of coves, inlets, and hidden beaches. Enjoy time swimming, snorkeling, and exploring the islands' villages. Stop in Lopud for picture-perfect beaches and Koločep for a history lesson. Enjoy lunch at your leisure—ask your captain to recommend an island and restaurant that fits your tastes! Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Sailing Itinerary in Croatia

Explore scenic coves and discover hidden beaches in Croatia.

Because the sea is an essential component of Croatian identity, you almost can't visit the country without having some experience on the coast! This makes it easy to add a sailing excursion to any Croatian itinerary, whether you want to enjoy a day trip or spend the entire time sailing from one destination to the next. 

Of course, sailing requires the sea, so you'll want to add the coastal regions of Croatia to your itinerary, which include Istria, Dalmatia, and Kvarner. Southern Dalmatia has the mildest weather, so it's a great region to enjoy at any time of the year. If you plan to stick to one area, such as Dalmatia, set aside at least 4 or 5 days. But if you'd like to combine a few regions, such as Istria and Dubrovnik, give yourself at least one week

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