Blue Cave

Sailing Vis to Lastovo via The Blue Cave, Vis Island


Enjoy a scenic sailing excursion between the islands of Vis and Lastovo, a small islet just south of Korčula. Along the way, you'll make a slight detour west of Vis to Biševo Island to see the iridescent turquoise waters of Modra Špilja (the popular Blue Cave). Upon landing on the island, you'll transfer to a cave-friendly boat and float inside the cave to discover the natural phenomena for yourself.

Afterward, make the lengthy venture to one of the most isolated islands of Dalmatia, Lastovo. The journey takes some time, so you'll break up the voyage with visits to small islands for swimming, snorkeling, and lunch.

Like Vis, Lastovo was closed to the world until the late 1980s, and today the island remains a relatively untouched paradise, upholding its character of centuries past. The island is filled with interesting 15th- and 16th-century architecture, including churches of various styles and uniquely shaped cylindrical chimneys.

Itineraries with Sailing Vis to Lastovo via The Blue Cave

Sailing Dalmatia: Vis, Lastovo, Mljet, & Brač - 10 Days

Enjoy 10 days of sun and sea on a private sailboat as you cruise to and between some of Croatia's most popular—as well as more remote—Adriatic islands. From Split, you'll chart a course to quiet Vis Island for two nights before continuing to the untouched paradise of Lastovo, the saltwater lakes of Mljet National Park, fortified Korčula, picturesque Hvar, and rugged Brač. You'll swim and snorkel secluded bays, dine on fresh-caught seafood and drink local wine, and drop anchor to visit frozen-in-time island villages.