Korčula isn't just beloved by tourists; it's also a favorite among Croatians. This is because Korčula combines the best of the country with its rich history, incredible scenery, and distinct culture. Enjoy lazing on secluded beaches, wine tasting across the island, kayaking along the shore, wandering the charming streets of medieval towns, eating makaruni (the island's signature pasta), and watching traditional Moreska dances, all in the same day.

Getting Oriented

The island of Korčula and its archipelago.

Of all the Dalmatian Islands, Korčula holds a place in the hearts of most Croatians. It's an island bursting with life, culture, and history, and not one to be missed. You'll find a little bit of everything on Korčula, including some of the country's best vineyards, olive groves, beaches, medieval old towns, and forested hiking trails. The island is set in southern Dalmatia, almost exactly halfway between Split and Dubrovnik. Its northeastern shore borders the famous Pelješac Peninsula, while its southern side faces the open Adriatic Sea.

Although it's an island, Korčula is well connected to Croatia's mainland. You can get there by ferry from Split, Ston, Dubrovnik, and many other Dalmatian Islands. From Split, the ferry takes about 2.5 hours, whereas it's only 2 hours from Dubrovnik. The ferry connecting Dominče to Orebić on the Pelješac Peninsula is just about 15 minutes. 

Hike, Bike & Taste Korčula

Korčula is one of the best islands for outdoor fun. There's plenty to do, including hiking, cycling, and kayaking, plus wine tasting and exploring medieval towns. 

Cycling & Wine Tasting in Lumbarda

Cycle around the island and stop at a few wineries to try heritage grape varietals.

Explore the island on bike, stopping to view scenic vistas, relax on peddled beaches, and taste some of Croatia's best wine. Korčula is known for two heritage grapes that grow well on the island's rocky soil: Grk white wine and Plavac Mali red. Because of the harsher island conditions, the wine has distinct tastes beloved by locals and visiting wine enthusiasts. After tasting a few varietals, sit down for a meal and end your day relaxing on the beach. Read More

Walking & Culinary Tour in Zrnovo

Enjoy a traditional dinner on a terrace overlooking the countryside.

Korčula has plenty of walking trails that offer a more leisurely approach to island tourism. You'll join a local guide through the historic village of Zrnovo and its surrounding countryside. As you walk, listen to stories about the island's history, culture, and lifestyle, stopping at scenic lookouts, olive groves, and old stone houses. Afterward, join a cooking class and discover how to make Korčula's signature pasta, makaruni. Finally, sit down and enjoy your meal with views across the island. Read More

Hike the Forests & Vineyards of Korčula

Walk through the forests and vineyards while learning about local agriculture.

Follow the ancient Napolean path on Korčula, a scenic hiking trail that leads you through the island's forests, vineyards, and fields of wild herbs, such as sage and oregano. The scent and views alone are worth the effort! The trail ends in the small town of Pupnat, where you'll enjoy a traditional lunch featuring goods from the fields you just explored. Return to Korčula Town to wander the historic streets and relax at the beach. Read More

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Enjoy the Sea

You can't visit the Dalmatian Islands without taking advantage of your location! On Korčula, you can kayak around the rocky coast, enjoy a boating excursion through the archipelago, or take a day trip to the remote Mijet National Park. 

Boating Korčula's Archipelago

Boat along Korčula's shore and enjoy its scenic archipelago.

The eastern coast of Korčula hosts a small archipelago known as the Škoji Islets. These 18 islands fan out, offering scenic coves, hidden beaches, and ideal spots for swimming and snorkeling. You'll depart from Korčula Town and cruise around the islands, observing the scenery and learning about the area's history. The islets were an important source of natural resources for the people of Korčula and nearby Pelješac Peninsula. Before returning, enjoy a delicious fish lunch on board the boat! Read More

Kayaking Excursion

Kayak around Korčula and discover its incredible coastline.

Enjoy kayaking around Korčula's coastline and two of its islands, Vrdnik and Badija. By exploring the islands by water, you get a unique vantage point of the scenery. Paddle by the small houses of Vrdnik, the only inhabited island of the 18 in Korčula's archipelago, and by Badija's Franciscan Monastery. Then, stop at a few scenic inlets and coves to swim in the crystal-clear water. Read More

Day Trip to Mljet National Park

Discover the unique and serene beauty of Mljet National Park.

Mljet Island is often called Croatia's greenest island, thanks to Mljet National Park protecting its entire western portion. You can spend the day exploring the lush greenery, an island filled with dense pine forests, rocky shorelines, and emerald-green lakes. On Mljet's largest lake sits St. Maria Island, a rocky dollop topped with a 12th-century Benedictine monastery. Other activities in the park include cycling, hiking, and swimming in the lakes, which are always a few degrees warmer than the neighboring sea! Read More

Sail Korčula Island

Discover hidden coves and view the island from the sea.

Enjoy a lovely day sailing around the entirety of Korčula. It's easy to stay on one side of the island and miss out on its natural diversity, as each side of Korčula offers a different scene: from the fortified walls of Korčula Town and the pebbly and pristine beaches of Lumbarda to the rocky shores and lush nature of Proizd and Ošjak islands near Vela Luka. Make the trip your own and take breaks to swim and explore rocky coves as you please! Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Korčula Itinerary

An aerial view of Old Korčula Town.

Korčula is an excellent island to add to any Croatian itinerary. In fact, it's an island that allows you to tick a lot off your list, including watersports, historic and charming towns, hiking, wine tasting, and unique Croatian cuisine. You'll have to rely on the ferries to get there, so it's best to combine the island with one of the two big hubs, Split and Dubrovnik. It's a little closer to Dubrovnik, which many travelers then pair with Ston and Hvar

If you'd like to go island hopping, Korčula is the perfect match for many Southern Dalmatians, including Hvar, Vis, Brač, and Šolta. At each island, consider renting a scooter to get around. Or rent one in Split or Dubrovnik to take with you! 

If you'd like to spend time in Split or Dubrovnik, plus one or two islands, give yourself at least one week to truly enjoy your time in Croatia. Ferry travel can eat up a lot of your day if you plan to hop around. If you'd like to visit more islands or some of Croatia's other regions, such as Zagreb and Istria, plan for 2-3 weeks. Your time in beautiful Croatia, especially when enjoying the islands, will go by quickly, so give yourself a few extra days if you can. 

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