Day Trip to Korčula

View across Korčula Town
While visiting the Dalmatian Islands, you can take advantage of the ferry system and hop from one to another. Today, enjoy a day trip to the beautiful island of Korčula. Upon arrival, embark on a walking tour of the Old Town and discover its rich history and culture, which dates back many centuries. Korčula became a melting pot of culture, with influences from Mesolithic people, Greeks, Romans, Hungarians, and French, including a very famous merchant, Marco Polo.

Korčula Town is known as "mini Dubrovnik," thanks to its marbled streets, defense towers, and red roofs. Visit the 14th-century Land Gate on top of an elegant staircase, before heading to St. Mark's Cathedral. Art enthusiasts will appreciate visiting the Bishop's Treasury next door for a small but impressive art collection, including works from Carpaccio, Bassano, and Tiepolo.

After the tour, enjoy lunch at one of the many wonderful restaurants in the old town and visit the house thought to be the birthplace of the famous Marco Polo. Then, roam through the maze of gray stone houses, alleys, churches, and squares before returning by ferry.

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