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Explore Croatia and enjoy immersive experiences in Korčula with some of our handpicked activities. Discover Korčula's Archipelago, where you'll see 18 islands, discover plenty of hidden beaches perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and have the chance to stop in quiet coves and swim in the crystal clear sea. You could also go cycling & wine-tasting and explore the historic town, see the vineyards of Lumbarda, and pass fields, villages, beaches, scenic vistas, and wineries. Go on a walking and culinary adventure through the rural side of Korčula Island before taking a cooking class and preparing the area's traditional pasta called makaruni. 
Discover Korčula's Archipelago
4 hours
Discover Korčula's surroundings and enjoy a boating excursion through its archipelago. Also known as the Škoji Islets, this cluster includes 18 islands accessible by boat, including Vrnik (the only inhabited island) and Badija (featuring a Franciscan Monastery). You'll depart from Korčula Town...
Cycling & Wine Tasting on Korčula
5 hours
Small group
Spend the day on a cycling tour across the island of Korčula, from the historic Korčula Town to the lush vineyards of Lumbarda. Along the way, you'll make several stops at beaches, scenic vistas, and wineries. First, you'll pick up your bike and meet your guide in Korčula; then, you'll head out...
Walking & Culinary Tour on Korčula
4 hours
Experience the rural side of Korčula Island on a walking and culinary tour! Learn about island life (past and present) while listening to stories about the historic village of Zrnovo. A passionate local guide will lead you around the town and surrounding countryside, passing through the village,...
Vineyards on the Pelješac peninsula
Hike the Ancient Napoleon Path on Korčula
Today, you'll explore Korčula by foot and hike through a nature park full of amazing karst rock formations, dense forest, and wildlife. The walk is peaceful and leisurely and will take you to the ancient Napoleon path along olive groves, small vineyards, and beautiful fields of sage, oregano, and...
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Kayaking Excursion on Korčula
3.5 hours
Enjoy an adventure at sea as you kayak along Korčula's stunning coastline and through parts of its archipelago, known as the Škoji Islets. This sea kayaking tour takes you around the islets of Badija and Vrnik to enjoy different perspectives of the area (which has some fascinating history...
The common sailboat in the Adriatic, accommodating 2-8 people
Sail Around Korčula Island
8 hours
Pull up anchor and set sail around the entirety of Korčula island, taking advantage of the famous winds that rush through the Pelješac and Korčula channels. Sailing in the Adriatic Sea creates an exciting day of sun and water! As you make your way around the island, enjoy a different perspective...
View across Korčula Town
Day Trip to Korčula
11 hours
While visiting the Dalmatian Islands, you can take advantage of the ferry system and hop from one to another. Today, enjoy a day trip to the beautiful island of Korčula. Upon arrival, embark on a walking tour of the Old Town and discover its rich history and culture, which dates back many...
A beach on Korčula
Beach Day on Korčula Island
Explore the incredible coastline of Korčula Island and spend the day relaxing on one of the local beaches. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from the options below. Lumbarda Beach, also known as Vela Przina Beach, is the biggest sandy beach in the area, so it's quite popular. What...

Experiences in Korčula, Croatia

Tour Croatia through its diverse culinary scene
Top Culinary Experiences in Croatia

Croatia's culinary traditions boast influences from many other cultures, including Italy, Austria, Hungary, and the Balkans. You'll find rich foods in the north, truffle-infused fare in Istria, and seafood along the coast. Zagreb is a haven for markets and contemporary cuisine, and distinct wine regions cover nearly the entire country. You can go truffle hunting, taste olive oils, or shuck oysters, all while sipping unique heritage wine varietals that thrive in Croatia's harsh soils.

Hvar Town at Sunset
The Best Things to Do on Hvar

Hvar Island encompasses everything visitors love about Croatia: golden beaches, emerald waters, lavender fields, craggy peaks, ancient towns, and unique cuisine. For these reasons, it's one of the most popular islands. On Hvar, you can hike on medieval trails to scenic vistas, explore villages founded by the Greeks, go wine tasting, kayak to secluded coves, and visit neighboring islands. When hungry, eat a traditional meal cooked in a peka and take advantage of Hvar Town's buzzy nightlife.

Stunning Korčula Town
The Best Things to Do on Korčula

Korčula isn't just beloved by tourists; it's also a favorite among Croatians. This is because Korčula combines the best of the country with its rich history, incredible scenery, and distinct culture. Enjoy lazing on secluded beaches, wine tasting across the island, kayaking along the shore, wandering the charming streets of medieval towns, eating makaruni (the island's signature pasta), and watching traditional Moreska dances, all in the same day.

Discover Croatia with an active excursion
Top Active Experiences in Croatia

With a diverse landscape filled with rocky mountain peaks, jagged cliffs, rushing rivers, and endless coastline, there's always something active to do in Croatia. Explore the country's idyllic scenery by paddleboarding through archipelagos, hiking to hidden viewpoints, kayaking along the coast, or cycling through vineyards. In addition, Croatia has some of Europe's most beautiful national parks, all perfect for an active outdoorsy itinerary.

Explore Croatia's renowned coastline
Top Beach Excursions in Croatia

With a stunning coastline weaving down the Adriatic Sea and more than 1,000 islands, you can bet Croatia is a beach destination. In the north, you'll find stretches of pebbles hugging the Istrian peninsula and the many islands off the coast of Kvarner. In the south, spend your time island hopping (and beach hopping) in Dalmatia, discovering some of Europe's most scenic sandy corners, including the famous Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) on Brač Island.

Sail along Croatia's stunning coastline
Top Sailing Experiences in Croatia

One of the most popular activities in Croatia is sailing, which should come as no surprise considering the country's long and narrow shape hugs the Adriatic Sea. With over 3,000 miles of coastline and more than 1,000 islands, the country is a prime spot for sailing excursions. So whether you're looking for day trips to the archipelagos or an entire itinerary sailing from spot to spot, you can find it in Croatia. Discover islets, caves, lagoons, and rugged coves all by boat.

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