Town and fortress of Klis

Wine Tasting & Lunch near Klis Fortress


Set off to explore Klis Fortress (also known as the city of Mereen in the popular TV series, Game of Thrones). Discover the 2,000-year-old fortress and see where some of the famous TV scenes were filmed. While you walk and learn, enjoy stunning views of Split, the Adriatic Sea, and the islands in the distance!

Klis Fortress has been an essential site in Croatian since the Dalmatae (an Illyrian tribe) first used it as a stronghold. After that, the Romans took the fortress, and you can find the old Roman settlement in nearby Solin (one of the Roman Empire's largest forts). After the Roman Empire fell, the fortress served Croatian kings, defending the region against both the Mongols and Ottomans. 

Despite its incredible history, Klis is rarely visited by tourists and remains open for wandering. You'll most likely have the place to yourself, and you can explore at your leisure. After visiting the fortress, head into the local countryside, which is dotted with hills and vineyards. You'll enjoy a tour and tasting at a local winery, followed by a lunch featuring traditional cuisine.

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