Traditional Colombian ajiaco
Traditional Colombian ajiaco

Ajiaco Cooking Lesson in Bogotá, Bogotá


The rich culture of Colombia is found in many places, from its people to its music to its unrivaled natural beauty. And of course it's found in the food. This cooking lesson allows visitors to discover one of the most delicious regional dishes of Colombia: ajiaco. The class is held at a restaurant, in Bogotá's historic center. Here a professional chef teaches students the secrets to preparing this rich traditional soup, made with chicken, potatoes, maize, cream, and topped with avocado. It's the perfect comfort food for the cold-weather Andean region.

This three-hour lesson is designed to be fun as well as delicious because after learning the basics and preparing the ajiaco, students get to dig in and enjoy their authentic Colombian creations. Moreover, participating in this tour is a great way to contribute to the local community. The cooking school is an NGO that provides young people who otherwise are without opportunities work/study training in different fields like cooking and painting. The objective is to integrate these people into the workforce while preserving the historical patrimony of Bogotá.

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