Explore Jostedalsbreen National Park

Hike on top of Jostedalsbreen, the biggest glacier in Europe
Jostedalsbreen National Park is home to the largest glacier in Norway (and mainland Europe). It's so big, in fact, that it covers half the entire surface of this 1,310-square-km (510-square-mile) national park and divides two of the world's longest fjords: the Nordfjord and Sognefjord. The area makes for some great excursions, as there are several arms of this glacier, as well as smaller glaciers, that you can explore to your heart's content. 

Due to their geology, these glaciers also function as biospheres of great scientific importance. Their constant movement with respect to climate variations results in unique changes to the disparate landscapes of the region. The confluence of meltwater, for example, creates the glacial rivers for which the park is famous. And there's no better way to experience these ecological marvels then by trekking right over their surface on a glacier hike. You can choose from many such hikes in the park. 

Beyond that, Jostedalsbreen is famous for its wide variety of unique natural environments all within a short distance of each other. These range from valleys with lush vegetation to mountains and glacial landscapes. Beyond experiencing the majesty of the glaciers by hiking their surface, it's also possible to rent kayaks for a tour of the glacial lakes in the park.

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