An artsy neighborhood in Norway's capital
An artsy neighborhood in Norway's capital

Explore Oslo with a Local, Oslo


Tour the vibrant and lively capital of Oslo with an enthusiastic and informed local leading the way. Although the city is fairly small—it takes only 30 minutes to travel from one end to the other—there's still a lot to see and do! Oslo is known for its rich history and museums, some of which celebrate the macabre works of the Norwegian expressionist painter Edvard Munch. Oslo also has a fascinating maritime culture in the form of stunning Viking-era ships. 

Your guide, a native of Oslo, will help you see the best of what the city has to offer, based on your interests. 

If you'd like to stick to the city's general history, consider strolling the Akerselva River Walk and stopping at some museums. First, take the tram to the Akerselva River, a vital waterway that offers abundant local history. Next, stop into the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology (on the north side of the river) and then head south to the Labour Museum (part of the Oslo City Museum) as your new local friend shares stories about the heart of Oslo's history. The river is 5 miles (8 km) long and passes waterfalls, swimming areas, forested areas, and wildlife—with lots of photography opportunities!

If you'd rather spend more time in nature, you can see both Oslofjord and the dense forests surrounding the city. Your new local friend will lead you to a beautiful island just outside Oslo's harbor, which takes about 30 minutes by tram from the city center. No cars are allowed here, and the island offers a wide array of outdoor activities. You can choose an activity depending on the season or simply walk around one of the lakes while your guide shares the local history.

And if you're a ski buff, try to squeeze in a visit to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump in the popular Holmenkollen area that you can reach by light rail from the city center in about 35 minutes. Open year-round, the Ski Museum & Tower offers over 4,000 years of snow sports, polar exploration, and an exhibition on snowboarding and modern skiing. After the museum, enjoy the observation deck, which offers panoramic views of Oslo. Then, as you walk down to the ski jump, your guide will share stories about the area's folklore, including local trolls, legends, and castles.

For dinner, wander around the city's historic core, which buzzes with restaurants and outdoor cafés. If you're looking for Oslo's trendiest local scene, head east to Grünerløkka, which many inhabitants refer to affectionately as "Løkka." This once-run-down sector of Oslo is now the site of refurbished apartments, fashionable cafés, and hip restaurants.

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