Oslo is Norway's buzzy, multicultural capital, known for its eco-friendly initiatives and innovation. It houses some of the country's best museums and parks, making it well worth a stop. You'll find the renowned Viking Ship Museum, the Nobel Peace Center, art galleries featuring Edvard Munch, and the famous Vigeland Sculpture Park. A vibrant city, Oslo draws crowds of all interests and ages.

Getting Oriented

Discover the local favorites in multicultural Oslo.

As the capital of Norway, your trip will likely start and end in Oslo, a lively, multicultural city with some of the country's best museums and parks, plus attractions that span ages and interests. You'll find art galleries, a modern opera house, a ski museum, the famous Viking Ship Museum, hip neighborhoods with trendy bistros and breweries, and opportunities for biking, kayaking, sailing, and hiking. So whether you want a metropolitan experience or prefer to get to know Oslo as the locals do, you can find ways to stay entertained in this vibrant city. 

Cultural & Historical Exploration

Oslo is a city filled with cultural and historical opportunities. Enjoy a walking tour with a local's insight to show you all the best spots, or visit one of the numerous museums to learn all about Norwegian history and culture.

Explore Oslo with a Local

Stroll through the historic districts of Oslo.

There's no better way to truly see a city than with the help of an informed local. Stroll through Oslo, hitting the sites and enjoying experiences catered to your interests! Despite being a small capital, there's so much to see and do in the city, including a stroll along the famous Akerselva River Walk, a visit to museums like the Oslo City Museum, a side trip to the islands of Oslofjord, or a deep dive into Norway's rich ski culture at the Holmenkollen Ski Jump. Read more

A Day of Culture in Oslo 

Explore Oslo's famous ski jump with panoramic views.

For a well-rounded overview of Norwegian culture, Oslo is the perfect hub. Visit one (or two!) of the city's renowned museums, such as the Viking Ship Museum with its three Viking-era burial ships, or the Norwegian Open-Air Folk Museum, which has 160 buildings exhibitions, including the 13th-century Gol Stave Church. End your day at the famous ski jump or Vigeland Sculpture Park, where you can explore 200 larger-than-life works of art. Read more

Plan your trip to Norway
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Active Sightseeing

You don't have to travel deep into the fjord region to enjoy some active exploration of Norway. You can enjoy a biking tour of the city or kayak in the picturesque Oslofjord—yes, the city has its own fjord!

Eco Kayak Tour in Oslofjord

Kayaking in the Oslo fjord is a great way to explore the city.

Join an eco-friendly kayaking tour that combines an active adventure, sightseeing, and tavaha, the Norwegian expression for taking care of the ocean. You'll paddle around Oslofjord, passing the city's vibrant waterfront on the way to a quiet beach for a break and swim. At the beach, practice tavaha and do as the locals do, helping clean up the beach of any litter. Read more

Bike Tour: Oslo Highlights

Discover the quiet side of Oslo on a bike tour.

Explore Oslo by bike, zipping through the historic districts, bustling waterfront, and quiet neighborhoods. You'll bike several miles through the city, hitting all the major sites, including some of the famous parks and the city's 700-year-old fortress. Bike along the fjord while learning about Norwegian culture, politics, and modern life in Oslo. Read more

Cruise Oslo's Fjord

No trip to Norway is complete without some sort of cruise, and Oslo is no exception. Set at the top of Oslofjord, enjoy cruising through the waters and spotting area wildlife.

Oslofjord Cruise

Enjoy a quiet cruise through the scenic Oslofjord.

Discover Oslo's famous fjord, Oslofjord, onboard a silent, electric boat that allows you to cruise through the waters quietly as you enjoy the scenery, sights, and wildlife. With a marine biologist onboard, you'll enjoy the area's scenic vistas and learn about the ecological history and significance. Watch life below the surface with the boat's underwater drone, and stay cozy inside the cabin with its floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. Read more

How to Create the Perfect Oslo Itinerary

The coastal city has a colorful harbor and both new and old architecture.

Although the capital is set in the south, you can easily combine a visit to Oslo with several of Norway's different regions. But as a little-known bonus, Southern Norway stays fairly mild throughout the winter, so you don't have to prefer snow and ice to experience the country during its polar months. And when deciding how much time to spend in Norway with a stop in Oslo, you have your pick! Enjoy a quick 24-hour visit or add the city to a weeklong Norwegian excursion.  

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