Explore Utne & Hardangerfjord

Trolltunga's epic vantage point
The village of Utne is located in the heart of the Hardanger region of Norway, about 350 km (217 miles) west of Oslo, near Bergen. This unspoiled country has been a prime European tourist destination for over two centuries. People come from far and wide to witness its spectacular natural beauty in the form of fertile valleys, cascading waterfalls, towering cliffs, and of course the Hardangerfjord, which is one of the longest fjords in the world. With this experience, visitors have the chance to explore the aforementioned landscapes on nature hikes as well as discover the cultural heritage within the town of Utne itself.

One hiking option is through the Valley of Husedalen, located just across the fjord from Utne. Known for its four gorgeous waterfalls, it is ideal for a day trip. Hikers can choose between a longer route (5-6 hours) that passes each of the waterfalls or a shorter one that visits fewer falls. Another option is to make an excursion to the village of Skjeggedal and embark on a hike to Trolltunga, an impressive rock formation also known as the Troll's Tongue. Located above Ringedalsvatnet Lake, Trolltunga's popular vantage point offers fantastic views of the area. This is a more challenging day hike as it takes 8–10 hours total with a height gain of 2,952 feet (900 meters). 

Back in Utne, you can visit the Hardanger Folk Museum: This regional open-air museum features embroidery, traditional costumes, and Norway's largest collection of old Hardanger fiddles. There are also several historic buildings here including farmhouses and boathouses as well as outdoor art installations. In the evening, perhaps take part in a local cider tasting. Apples have been a popular crop in the area since the 13th century and this cold-pressed cider, between 3% and 12% alcohol, has a long tradition in the area. During the tasting, you'll try several variations and learn about the culture behind this product.

Itineraries with Explore Utne & Hardangerfjord

Oslo, Bergen & the Hardangerfjord - 8 Days

Check out spectacular Norwegian scenery via the nation's efficient network of ferries, trains, and buses on this 8-day tour. Start with a day in Oslo before making your way to Eidfjord, a village right on the Hardangerfjord. Then, ferry to Utne (another beautiful town on the fjord) for more outdoor activities before finishing the week in seaside Bergen—a UNESCO-listed city known for its seven surrounding mountains.