Gourmet Cheese & Cider Tasting in Normandy

Selection of cider from calvados
Take your time exploring Normandy, a large, diverse region with a unique and rural way of life. The area is known for its rustic agricultural landscape, tasty cheeses, hard apple cider, and calvados brandy.

Start with a well-rounded cheese experience, as the region is known for its fine farm-fresh cheeses. Perhaps the most famous variety is Camembert, so start at a local farm and learn all about this delicious soft cheese. Discover its origins and history, observe the production process, mingle with the cows, and end your experience with a tasting of Camembert and other famous Norman cheeses. In the end, you may know more about cheese than most of the French!

Next, stop at another scenic farm surrounded by picturesque countryside to enjoy lunch. Savor delicious regional products, including seasonal salad, andouille, baguette, teurgoule (a rice pudding specific to Normandy), butter, cheeses, ciders, and more.

In the afternoon, visit a few other idyllic farms and estates, where you'll explore the region's famed hard apple cider and calvados, a brandy made with apples or pears. Sip some of the cider varieties and taste brandy up to 45 years old, all with the help of a knowledgeable guide.

By the end of the day, you'll be an expert on Normandy's beloved and rural way of life, one cherished by the French.

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