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Selection of cider from calvados
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Take your time exploring Normandy, a large, diverse region with a unique and rural way of life. The area is known for its rustic agricultural landscape, tasty cheeses, hard apple cider, and calvados brandy. Start with a well-rounded cheese experience, as the region is known for its fine farm-fresh cheeses. Perhaps the most famous variety is Camembert, so start at a local farm and learn all about this delicious soft cheese. Discover its origins and history, observe the production process, mingle with the cows, and end your experience with a tasting of Camembert and other famous Norman cheeses. In the end, you may know more about cheese than most of the French! Next, stop at another scenic farm surrounded by picturesque countryside to enjoy lunch. Savor delicious regional products, including seasonal salad, andouille, baguette, teurgoule (a rice pudding specific to Normandy), butter, cheeses, ciders, and more. In the afternoon, visit a few other idyllic farms and estates, where you'll explore the region's famed hard apple cider and calvados, a brandy made with apples or pears. Sip some of the cider varieties and taste brandy up to 45 years old, all with the help of a knowledgeable guide. By the end of the day, you'll be an expert on Normandy's beloved and rural way of life, one cherished by the French. Discover more culinary activities in France and other unique experiences in Normandy.
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When in Normandy, follow the footsteps of the region's famous Impressionists. This iconic group of artists popularized France's signature outdoor painting experience to capture the changing light in beautiful Normandy. Whether you've seen these famous paintings of this picturesque region or not, you can experience the scenery first-hand! Travel along the coast and visit the sites that inspired Monet, Sisley, Boudin, Degas, Renoir, Morisot, and scores of others. Some of the most iconic settings include the white cliffs of Etretat, the beaches of Fécamp, the grassy cliffs and dunes of Pourville, and the picturesque coastline of Dieppe.At each stop, compare the view to the artists' rendition, standing exactly where the artist placed an easel and captured the scenery. You can also visit the Fine Arts Museum in Rouen, specifically concentrating on the impressionist rooms, including the cathedral views of Rouen by Monet. Discover other unique experiences in Normandy.
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Discover one of the most traditional areas of Normandy, the Pays d'Auge. When the French picture Normandy, they imagine fields of dairy cows, apple tree orchards, and half-timbered houses with thatched roofs. You can find that and more in the Pays d'Auge area. You'll start with a drive through beautiful countryside, filled with rolling hills and picturesque villages, to visit a local producer who will share Norman cheeses and delicious apple cider, plus pommeau and calvados brandy, made with apples or pears. Then, head to the Cote Fleurie coast to visit idyllic fishing villages that attracted the Impressionist painters. They have since become upscale beach communities, such as Deauville and Trouville. Gorgeous villas line the coast, overlooking the beach. Enjoy the views as you inhale the refreshing salty sea air. Next, along the Cote de Grace coast and at the mouth of the River Seine, you'll stop to observe the famous changing light and natural beauty of Normandy. Continue to Honfleur, a city where time seems to have stopped several centuries ago. The incredibly varied architecture will take you right into Middle Ages, with the remains of its fortifications and the extraordinary St Catherine Church. You'll also find Renaissance-style architecture in Honfleur, as the 16th century was a prosperous time in the area, leading to Champlain's departure in 1608 and the foundation of Quebec City. Later on, the village became an artist colony, where Monet and his friends met at the...

Experiences in Normandy, France

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Top Culinary Experiences in France

France has always been the center of culinary envy, known worldwide for its signature cuisine consisting of traditional techniques, ancestral secrets, and home-cooked comfort dictated by high-quality standards. From morning pastries to afternoon macrons, farm-fresh cheeses to wine, cider, and olive oil, and fresh food markets offering the freshest produce to unique dishes like snails and frog legs, you can truly enjoy it all in France.

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Best Things to Do in Normandy

Set in northern France along the coast of the English Channel, Normandy is known for its chalky-white cliffs and beaches, the famous Mont-Saint-Michel island, the WWII D-Day landings, and picturesque half-timbered houses surrounded by dairy farms. History is the region's highlight, but you'll also find treasured towns like Honfleur and the Pays d'Auge, gourmet cheese, cider farms, and many sites of famous Impressionist works of art, plus the home and gardens of Claude Monet.

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