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To help ease your trip-planning experience, we've selected some activities to consider for your trip to Bayeux. If you're interested in a historical experience, you might enjoy a trip to Normandy's World War II sites. To experience the local culture, consider a guided walk through Bayeux to explore highlights like the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, the Tapestry Museum, and the Museum of Art and History. If you're keen on exploring regional flavors, visiting an apple orchard offers a fascinating insight into the production of cider and Calvados, Normandy's renowned apple brandy.
Tour the D-Day Sites of Normandy
8 hours
Small group
Normandy is well-known for its important war sites from WWII. Spend an emotional day touring some of the most important areas, discovering the powerful legacy of D-Day on Normandy's landscape, as well as its effect on the world. A local specialist will lead you across Normandy's coast, and as an...
Water mill in the Old Town
Walking Tour of Bayeux
Enjoy a walking tour of the city of Bayeux, tucked in Upper Normandy, not far from the English Channel coast. One of the highlights includes visiting the famous Tapestry Museum, which houses some of the world's finest cloth works. However, in the nearby cathedral is where you'll find the renowned...

Experiences in Bayeux, France

Wine tasting in France
Top Culinary Experiences in France

France has always been the center of culinary envy, known worldwide for its signature cuisine consisting of traditional techniques, ancestral secrets, and home-cooked comfort dictated by high-quality standards. From morning pastries to afternoon macrons, farm-fresh cheeses to wine, cider, and olive oil, and fresh food markets offering the freshest produce to unique dishes like snails and frog legs, you can truly enjoy it all in France.

The harbor town of Honfleur
Best Things to Do in Normandy

Set in northern France along the coast of the English Channel, Normandy is known for its chalky-white cliffs and beaches, the famous Mont-Saint-Michel island, the WWII D-Day landings, and picturesque half-timbered houses surrounded by dairy farms. History is the region's highlight, but you'll also find treasured towns like Honfleur and the Pays d'Auge, gourmet cheese, cider farms, and many sites of famous Impressionist works of art, plus the home and gardens of Claude Monet.

Bordeaux's stunning architecture
Best Things to Do in Bordeaux

Known for its signature wine, Bordeaux's surrounding vineyards and La Cité du Vin museum might be its biggest draws, but there's plenty to enjoy in the city and beyond. With the Garonne River weaving through Bordeaux's center, you can explore the city by foot and boat. Stop at vibrant markets and wine shops, tasting gourmet goodies like canelé, oysters, cheese, chocolate, and, of course, a glass of red. Then, enjoy discovering the countryside havens of Gironde and Dordogne, full of picturesque hamlets and vineyards.

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