Walking Tour of Bayeux

Water mill in the Old Town
Enjoy a walking tour of the city of Bayeux, tucked in Upper Normandy, not far from the English Channel coast. One of the highlights includes visiting the famous Tapestry Museum, which houses some of the world's finest cloth works. However, in the nearby cathedral is where you'll find the renowned Tapisserie de Bayeux, a tapestry completed in the 11th-century that portrays the events leading up to the infamous Norman invasion of England, plus the event itself, in 1066.

As the first town liberated and secured by the Allies after D-Day and one of the only places to have emerged from WWII nearly unscathed, Bayeux retains much of its old architecture, including the grandiose 13th-century Norman-Gothic Cathédrale Notre-Dame. Enjoy exploring the city's narrow streets, lined with traditional wooden-framed and half-timbered Norman houses. Then, go inside the Gothic cathedral to admire its ornate interior.

In the afternoon, visit the Museum of Art and History Baron Gerard to learn about the lace and porcelain that made Bayeux so well-known across Europe, and therefore, rich.

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Itineraries with Walking Tour of Bayeux

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