Interactive Greek Mythology Tour

Begin the tour at the Parthenon
Greece has some of the richest mythology of any nation on earth. The legacy is one of tall tales and legends, gods and monsters. There's no better way to glean insight into this complex lore than on the streets of the capital city of Athens, where ancient ruins tell the stories. This mythology tour is perfect for the whole family, as it's led by a guide specializing in children's education. It starts at the Acropolis with a visit to the Parthenon and other sites. At each stop, your guide will recount the classic legends of battles between gods and giants for control of the world.

Next, you'll visit the National Gardens, Athens' centrally located and expansive park. Here, professional actors reenact stories of classic Greek adventures amid the colorful oleanders, tall palms, and green pine trees. The tour also includes a puzzle challenge that represents the contest between Athena and Poseidon for the heart of the Athenian people.

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Itineraries with Interactive Greek Mythology Tour

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