Kayaking Tortuguero National Park

There's something mystical about the system of waterways in Tortuguero National Park. Here, in this fascinating highlight of Costa Rica's Caribbean seaboard, exists an incredible network of interconnecting canals that make the park one of the best places in the country to kayak through the rainforest—in fact, it's one of the few places that you can paddle in any of the jungles of Central and South America!

Gain a refreshingly new perspective of the Tortuguero rainforest as you glide through the Caño Chiquero or Caño Mora canals, natural waterways designated for non-motorized boats. Silently paddling in the channels often allows you to get closer to wildlife, which isn't always possible with the noise of a boat engine announcing your arrival.

As you drift, don't forget to look above and around you, deeper into the rainforest, and imagine what life is like for the myriad creatures living here:  a river otter nibbling on freshwater crustaceans or a manatee chewing river grass. Listen for the call of the chestnut mandible toucan and the crash of spider monkeys swinging through the trees. An experienced naturalist guide will point out birds and animals hidden in the rainforest foliage and explain the diversity of this precious ecosystem. 

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Itineraries with Kayaking Tortuguero National Park

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