Macaw Rescue & Breeding Center on the Nicoya Peninsula

Macaws are rehabilitated here as well
Just south of Playa Carrillo lies Punta Islita, home to the Macaw Recovery Network. The network is a conservation organization dedicated to the survival of Costa Rica's native macaws. Thanks to their efforts, although the scarlet macaw had previously gone extinct in this area, the birds are now back and on their way to thriving once again! The reserve is truly a must-see for anyone who wants to experience the natural wonders of the area and meet these remarkable, charismatic birds for themselves.

Upon arrival at the center, you'll take a walking tour through the tropical dry forest as your guide passionately describes The Macaw Recovery Network's mission: "A future with thriving parrot populations in healthy, protected ecosystems, across their former ranges." To accomplish this, the center rescues and rehabilitates wild macaws and those affected by the illegal pet trade. They also have a program where injured birds that cannot be released are kept in safe habitats for breeding purposes. Once they become old enough, their offspring are released into the wild to thrive and further populate the nearby forests.

Throughout the visit, you'll meet many of the birds that the center has rescued and learn more about the complex restoration work performed by the organization. You'll quickly understand that their work is much more than just the rescue and breeding programs. The network also develops and implements innovations in conservation while focusing on connecting the efforts of many other organizations to make the greatest impact.

The network's accomplishments are many! For example, nearly 50 great green macaws were released on the southern Caribbean Coast in Manzanillo, and over 160 scarlet macaws were released on the Pacific Coast in Tiskita, Palo Verde, Curu, and Punta Islita in previous years. Witnessing these incredible efforts and their direct impact on the birds' survival is sure to be an experience you will cherish forever.

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