Maipo Valley Full-Day Tour

Maipo Valley
Located about 45 minutes southeast of Chile's capital of Santiago is Cajón del Maipu, a scenic canyon. An excursion here first stops in the fertile San José de Maipo region, with its hills and vineyards. Then it's an ascent into the mountains and the landscapes become even more dramatic as massifs and snow-capped peaks dominate the skyline. That's to say nothing of the sparkling rivers and streams that wind through this paradise.

The next stop is 3,000 meters above sea level (9,843 feet) at the shores of the Embalse de Yeso, a reservoir nestled in the Andes whose glassy surface shines bright turquoise. Here, expert guides will offer insight into the geology of the area as well as the history of the reservoir, a result of damming the Yeso River back in 1964. Lunch will be a picnic near the water accompanied by a selection of top Chilean wine. On the return trip to San José de Maipo, there's a stop at a local restaurant to try a traditional Chilean empanada.

Itineraries with Maipo Valley Full-Day Tour

Central Chile, Lake District & Patagonia - 10 Days

Check off three spectacular regions of Chile on this active 10-day itinerary. After touring the capital Santiago and the vineyards of Maipo Valley, you'll fly to the Lake District for snowcapped volcanoes and plunging waterfalls. Finish off on the southern tip of the continent for cycling, kayaking, hiking, and horseback riding while staying in a sustainable EcoCamp surrounded by Patagonian scenery.

Easter Island & Santiago - 7 Days

On this adventure, you'll explore remote Rapa Nui—the Chilean territory also known as the legendary Easter Island. Fly into Santiago to experience the culture of the capital city and seaside Valparaiso. After a wine tour and an excursion into the Chilean mountains, you'll finally hop a flight to Easter Island, where you’ll hang out with the famous stone moai statues that are found nowhere else on earth.

Central Chile Exploration - 5 Days

If you want to experience some of the highlights of Chile but are limited in terms of time, then this brisk five-day jaunt is perfect for you. You'll arrive in the capital of Santiago and explore the city on foot, taking in the major sights. Then it's off to the coast for some wine tasting and an exploration of the most romantic city in the nation: Valparaiso. After a tasty food tour of Santiago, you'll finish your time in the country with a road trip into Chile's central mountains. Enjoy!

Exploring Santiago & the Atacama Desert - 7 Days

This week-long itinerary allows you to experience the major cities and wine regions of central Chile as well as the arid desert landscapes in the country's north. First, you'll arrive in Santiago and take a city tour before discovering the nearby wilderness and wine country. Then it's a trip to the coastal seaport and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Valparaiso. Afterward, you'll jet off to the Atacama Desert in the north, where you'll visit the indigenous villages, geysers, painted mountains, salt flats, and lunar landscapes for which the region is deservedly famous.

Natural Wonders of Chile & Bolivia - 11 Days

Check off two South American countries while experiencing some of the planet's most awe-inspiring and extreme natural wonders. Over 11 days, you'll discover a range of topographies including lush vineyards and high-altitude desert plateaus in Chile. Then, head across the border for otherworldly salt flats left behind by prehistoric lakes in Bolivia. Start and end the trip in Santiago and La Paz, respectively—two exciting capitals known for outstanding food and culture.

Exploring Santiago & Chile's Lake District - 14 Days

On this active and comprehensive 14-day itinerary, you will discover one of the lesser-visited gems of South America: Chile's Lake District, where central Chile meets Patagonia. First, you'll take a food tour of the capital of Santiago. Then it's wine tasting and a jaunt to the coastal seaport of Valparaiso, one of the most colorful cities in Latin America. Next you're off to the southern city of Puerto Montt, where you'll visit the mythical island of Chiloé. The remainder of your trip has it all: penguin colonies, kayaking fjords, trekking through native Alajuela forest, hiking up to glaciers, and much, much more.

Santiago & Modified W Trek Adventure - 9 Days

Discover the best of Chile's urban and natural landscapes on this 9-day adventure. Begin with a cultural exploration of Santiago on a full-day city tour. Next, head to the Maipo Valley to take in its stunning mountain landscapes while sipping Chilean wine. Then, venture south to Patagonia for a visit to the iconic Torres del Paine National Park. Here, you'll embark on a 4-day version of the famed "W" circuit trek—a multi-day hike featuring some of the park's most breathtaking scenery.