Savor some tasty Chilean empanadas on a food tour
Savor some tasty Chilean empanadas on a food tour

Santiago Food Tour, Santiago


This is an opportunity to discover Chile's capital city one bite at a time. Accompanied by an English-speaking guide, this half-day tour is an immersive experience that reveals the true beating heart of Santiago, which is found in its people, marketplaces, and cuisine. One highlight is a visit to Santiago's labyrinthine Mercado Central. This central marketplace overflows with vendors and local residents eager to get their hands on the day's fresh produce. It's the perfect spot to sample traditional Chilean dishes like empanadas, sopapillas (fried pumpkin dough), and mote con huesillos (a drink of syrupy peach juice with cracked wheat).

Other highlights include a trip up to the top of Cerro San Cristóbal, a hill that sits 300 meters (984 feet) over Metropolitan Park and offers 360° views of the entire city. It's possible to hike up to Cerro San Cristóbal on foot or take a cable car or funicular elevator. The tour includes a lunch break in the trendiest neighborhood in the city: Bellavista. Here there are a diverse array of funky cafés, international eateries, and high-end restaurants.

Itineraries with Santiago Food Tour

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It's unlikely you'll ever pack so much culture, nature, and adventure on a two-week holiday then you will with this 14-day Chilean itinerary. It starts with a culinary tour of Santiago, where you'll delve into the culture of the city one bite at a time. Then it's off to Torres del Paine, one of Chile's premier national parks and a must-visit destination for trekkers from across the globe. You'll then head to northern Patagonia to experience less-visited but equally beautiful Aysén region. Pack your winter gear, because things are going to get cold on this intrepid adventure you won't soon forget.

Central Chile Exploration - 5 Days

Experience some of Chile's highlights in five days with this itinerary, perfect if you're short on time. You'll arrive in Santiago and explore the city on foot, taking in the major sights before enjoying a day trip to coastal (and colorful) Valparaíso for some wine tasting. Back in the capital, and after a tasty food tour, you'll finish your time in the country with a road trip into Chile's central mountains.

Central Chile, Lake District & Atacama Desert - 10 Days

Explore three distinct areas of Chile with this 10-day itinerary. After getting a taste (literally) of the big city and its nearby wine region, fly north to the Atacama desert—an oasis in the driest part of the world known for geysers, moonscapes, and starry skies. You'll then base yourself in a German-style lake town while taking day trips to volcanoes, waterfalls, and an exotic rainforest along the coast.

Chile's Deserts, Lakes & Culture - 9 Days

Chile may be a small country geographically, but it's filled with some of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in South America and the world. Over a quick nine days, you'll discover the furthest reaches of this ecological paradise, from the otherworldly landscapes of the northern Atacama Desert to the native lenga forests and active volcanoes of the rugged Lake District, which is also known as the "doorstep to Patagonia." And to kick it all off, you'll discover Santiago and Valparaíso, two of Chile's most beautiful cities.