Merzouga Sunset Camel Ride & Desert Overnight

One of the most quintessential Moroccan experiences is a sunset camel ride through Erg Chebbi in Merzouga, combined with an overnight in the desert. Most visitors enjoy this experience when traveling to the Sahara from one of the country's imperial cities, such as between Merzouga and Marrakech or Merzouga and Fes.

Erg Chebbi is an extensive set of dunes covering almost 14 square miles (35 sq km), with some peaks rising over 650 feet (200 m). The color and shape change depending on the time of day and the wind, which is especially enriching just before sunset.

Upon arrival near Merzouga, you'll enjoy a camel ride through the dunes, reaching your camp just before sunset. After settling into your tent, climb up the nearest dune to watch the sunset display its color show across the sands. Head back for dinner and a night by the campfire, enjoying traditional Berber music from the locals. Before climbing into bed, savor the stars strewn across the unhindered night sky.

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