Nature Walk at Danaus Ecological Park & Butterfly Garden

The exotic butterfly garden

Take your Costa Rican adventures further into the tropical rainforest around Arenal/La Fortuna with a nature walk through the Ecological Park & Butterfly Garden Danaus. Conservationists saved this small reserve from exploitation and, thanks to their efforts, it now regenerates naturally. This success makes it a model of sustainable tourism.

You'll start the hike on a circuit trail that leads through the rainforest, making a stop at a botanical garden along the route. This garden boasts more than 600 plants, a butterfly center home to more than 40 species, and areas specifically designated for frog reproduction. Other parts are dedicated to cultivating medicinal plants or feature wetlands that support nesting sites for exotic birds.

Next, visit the Malekus, a small indigenous tribe originating from northern Costa Rica with only around 650 people remaining). Part of the nature walk involves visiting the tribe's cultural center to learn about their ways of life and focus on the environment and reforestation. Throughout the walk, you'll also have opportunities to spot exotic wildlife, like tree frogs, caimans, monkeys, sloths, and many species of birds. 

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