Nemea Winery Exploration

Fruit of the vines

Like any great wine-producing nation, the secret to its viniculture lies in the soil. In Greece, the land most ideal for cultivating grapevines is in the Nemea region, on the Peloponnese. There are quite a few wineries here, with many producing the Agiorgitiko varietal. This wine was believed to have been grown from a vine brought by the god Dionysus. The grapes are similar to Merlot and are regarded as one of the finest Greek reds. They're certainly time-tested—they've been growing these specific grapes in the region for thousands of years—possibly since the 4th century BCE.  

This tour involves a visit to three wineries with activities at each, including a stroll through the vineyards as well as observing the wine-making process. Naturally, the tour includes tastings of the different varietals on offer from each winery. Lunch will be served at one of the wineries and is paired with local wines. 

Intineraries with Nemea Winery Exploration

Mainland Greece Road Trip - 10 Days

Get ready for gorgeous views and a healthy dose of history on this 10-day tour of Athens and the Peloponnese. You'll learn about ancient Greek mythology at the Acropolis, visit the home of Helen of Troy, and see where the Olympics were born. Along the way, you'll sample wines at the vineyards of Nemea, explore the Byzantine castle of Mystras, and consult the oracle at Delphi.

Mainland Greece Road Trip - 14 Days

Take in the sights and flavors of the countryside on this two-week road trip around mainland Greece. Starting in Athens, you'll explore the Acropolis and sample local delicacies before making your way to the Peloponnese. Here you'll encounter traditional villages, ancient castles, beautiful Byzantine architecture, and fascinating archaeological sites. Go wine tasting in Nemea, consult the oracle at Delphi, and see the birthplace of the Olympics along the way.

Mainland Greece Road Trip - 12 Days

Immerse yourself in history and culture on this 12-day trip encompassing Athens and the Greek countryside. Learn about Greek mythology straight from the source at the Acropolis before heading west to the Peloponnese. Go wine tasting at the vineyards of Nemea, visit Byzantine castles, and stroll the streets of traditional villages. See where Helen of Troy lived and where the Olympics were born, and consult the oracle at Delphi before ending your road trip back in the capital.

Mainland Greece Road Trip - 16 Days

On this 16-day road trip of Athens and the Peloponnese, you'll see historical sites, sample local flavors, and discover beautiful castles and monasteries. Spend a few days in the capital learning about the Acropolis and enjoying culinary delights of the modern era. Then make your way west for wine tasting in Nemea, stops at several archaeological ruins, and visits to charming villages before ending your journey back in Athens.

Mainland Greece Road Trip - 15 Days

Travel from Athens to the vineyards, castles, and archaeological sites throughout the Peloponnese with this itinerary. After exploring the Acropolis and the local delicacies of the capital, head to the countryside, where you'll discover Byzantine castles and monasteries, ancient palaces, and sip on wine worthy of Dionysus. You'll see where the Olympics were born and where Helen of Troy lived, and consult the oracle at Delphi along the way.

Mainland Greece Road Trip - 17 Days

Take a drive through the scenery and history of mainland Greece with this 17-day itinerary.  Begin in Athens, then make your way through the seaside towns, vineyards, scenic castles, and historic sites of the Peloponnese.

Mainland Greece Road Trip - 9 Days

Visit fascinating archaeological sites and enjoy the beauty of the Greek countryside with this 9-day itinerary. Starting in Athens, you'll learn about ancient mythology at the Acropolis before heading for the historic seaside town of Nafplio. Go wine tasting in Nemea, discover the Byzantine ruins of Mystras, consult the oracle at Delphi and more on this road trip adventure.

Greek Panorama: Athens, Mainland Greece, Cyclades, and Crete - 21 Days

Three weeks gives you enough time to take in Greece from all angles. Survey the city of Athens from atop the Acropolis before you move to Mykonos and Santorini for farm dinners and caldera cruises. Crete awaits next, full of stone villages to explore, before you return to the mainland to travel back in time to famous spots like Delphi, Meteora, and Mycenae.

Mainland Greece Road Trip - 13 Days

In just under two weeks, you'll see traditional villages, fascinating historical sites, and beautiful views on this road trip around the Greek countryside. Begin in Athens, where you'll delve into ancient mythology and enjoy a culinary tour before setting out for the Peloponnese. As you make your way around the hilly landscape, you'll go wine tasting, visit castles, stroll the streets of old fishing villages, and see some of Greece's most famous ancient sites.

Mainland Greece Road Trip - 11 Days

Get an in-depth look at the Greek countryside on this 11-day road trip around the Peloponnese. Begin in Athens, where you'll learn about ancient mythology at the Acropolis. Then head west to the wineries of Nemea and the ruins of Mycenae, Pylos, Mystras, and more. Top it all off with a visit to the oracle at Delphi before ending your tour back in the capital.

Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 14 Days

Spend two weeks treating yourself to some of Greece's finest food and wine traditions. You'll start with four days among the fields of Nafplio in the Peloponnese, followed by a full week in the Cyclades where you'll learn to cook on Tinos, visit a Mykonian farm, and tour the tavernas of Naxos. Cap it off with a cooking class under the Acropolis upon your return to Athens. 

Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 10 Days

Legend has it the grapes of Nemea were brought to the people by Dionysus, and you can try the "fruit of the gods" for yourself on this 10-day culinary itinerary. Tour a working Peloponnesian olive grove and learn about the oil making process, cook your own Cycladic feast on charming Tinos, visit a traditional Mykonian farm, and of course, sample the native varietals of Nemea's wineries.

Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 16 Days

Delve into Greek traditions with this 16-day itinerary. You'll arrive to a welcome dinner in Athens before heading to Nafplio to explore the history and agriculture of the Peloponnese. Then it's time for a trip to the islands, where you'll sample some of the favorite foods of Tinos, Mykonos, and Naxos and learn to create your own.

Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 15 Days

Get up close with Greek cuisine on this 15-day itinerary.  You'll start on the mainland, exploring olive groves, vineyards, and farms to get the full picture of the food chain. Then sail south to the Cyclades, where you'll see those ingredients in action in cooking classes, food tours, and fresh farm dinners.

Greek Panorama in Athens, Mainland Greece, The Cyclades, and Crete - 24 Days

Get a full picture of Greece's offerings with this expansive itinerary. Start off with five days in Athens, then head to the islands to see the two stars of the Cyclades, Santorini and Mykonos. Down to Crete next for both trekking and village tours before you head back to Athens to explore more sites of the mainland both in the city and in neighboring Nafplio.

Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 12 Days

Greece produces more feta cheese than any other country, and you can do your best to make a dent in their supply on this 12-day itinerary. Eat your way through both the mainland and the islands in olive groves and amid vineyards before learning to cook under the Acropolis to cap it all off.

Greek Panorama in Athens, Mainland Greece, The Cyclades, and Crete - 25 Days

You'll have plenty of time to see some of Greece's standout regions with this 25-day itinerary. Start with day and evening experiences of the myths and modern neighborhoods of Athens and the surrounding region before you head to the islands, with farm dinners in Mykonos, catamaran cruises in Santorini, and the landscapes of Crete all on the agenda. Then it's back to the mainland to experience some of the stars of Greek history, culture, and scenery.

Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 13 Days

The best way to show love is through food, so let Greece show you how much it loves you with this 13-day culinary itinerary. Whether it's with fresh goat cheese, Agiorgitiko wine, or olives, you'll be wooed by hands-on sampling tours, cooking classes, and at-home meals from Athens through the Cycladic islands.

Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 11 Days

You've probably heard of feta, but what about graviera? Mizithra? How about their cousin kefalotyri? Meet every member of the Greek cheese family and more on this 11-day itinerary. You'll see them straight from the source along with other culinary and cultural highlights as you play shepherd for a day, learn how to put them to use in a Cycladic cooking class on Tinos, and visit the many other cheese habitats with a Naxos food tour before you return to Athens.

Greek Panorama: Athens, Mainland Greece, Cyclades, and Crete - 23 Days

Whether you're on a morning bike ride through Athens, setting sail to the Cyclades, or trekking through Crete, this 23-day itinerary covers plenty of ground across the entire country of Greece. From Athens to the islands and back to Peloponnese, you'll experience much of the fun, food, and history Greece has to offer.

Greek Panorama in Athens, Mainland Greece, The Cyclades, and Crete - 22 Days

This itinerary starts with the myths of the Acropolis as you look out over the Athenian skyline. Then, on to Santorini and Mykonos, where you'll visit the birthplace of Apollo and one of the ancient world's biggest trading ports at Delos. Finish with Crete and a return to the mainland to visit the monasteries of Meteora and ancient Delphi.