Tents at the Luxury Tiziri Camp

Overnight in a Luxury Desert Camp


Spending the night in the desert is a typical cultural experience in Morocco, but sleeping in a luxury camp can make the excursion more special! The camp owners come from nomadic Berber families that have lived amongst the dunes and desert terrain of the Sahara. They decided to follow their dreams and create a luxury camp emphasizing eco-friendly operations to maintain the desert and the experience for generations to come.

After arriving at the camp, you'll settle into your tent, filled with natural fabrics and handcrafted furnishings. Each tent boasts its own individuality, but all create a warm, inviting, and relaxing experience deep in the star-filled desert. You'll enjoy homecooked meals that feature locally sourced ingredients, served by candlelight in the restaurant tent. 

Because the camp is so secluded, you'll enjoy completely uninterrupted night skies—not light pollution, no noise! Sit by a campfire sipping tea, gaze up into the sky, listen to traditional Berber music, and chat with your hosts to learn more about how generations have called the desert home.

Your stay includes meals and a camel ride, but you can always opt for additional services, like desert trekking or visiting nomad villages.

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