Palo Verde Boat Tour and Guaitil Artisan Village

Prepare for a jungle cruise
If you're an avid birder and/or wildlife enthusiast then you're going to love Palo Verde National Park, where you'll embark on a two-hour river trip that's like a Disney Jungle Cruise come to life. As you motor down the Tempisque River, white-faced capuchin monkeys swing from the tree branches on shore, as caimans and even the occasional crocodile patrol the waters. Birders will be treated to the sight of various species including tiger herons, ospreys, ibises, and the Jabiru.

Afterward, you'll visit the small village of Guaitil, known for its locally handcrafted pottery.  This has been the case for generations, and you can browse the various products and appreciate the craftsmanship on display. Perhaps even take an item or two home.

Itineraries with Palo Verde Boat Tour and Guaitil Artisan Village

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