Scenic Drive Around Senja

Hit the road and enjoy a scenic route around Senja, embracing the truly breathtaking sights of the area. You can stop in one of the many notable points along the way to take photos, stretch your legs, or enjoy a hike! This road trip will take you to historic fishing villages, idyllic beaches, and scenic overlooks.

Start with a visit to Husøy Island, situated in the middle of the Øyfjord and home to Senja's most prominent fishing community. The little island, which has, in recent years, been connected to the mainland, secures its oldest houses with wire. This precaution ensures that they don't blow away from the fierce winds, so make sure to hold onto your hats while visiting!

Next, make a stop at Ersfjordstranda, an idyllic beach covered in white sands and surrounded by the picturesque peaks of the Ersfjord. This is a great place to stop and eat your lunch on a picnic bench or around a fire. You can warm your food and hands at one of the available grills. 

Where the ocean meets the sky, enjoy a scenic vista overlooking the village of Bergsbotn. The vista is a great place to stop and walk out onto the 145-foot (44-meter) long platform. Take in the views and snap some photos!

is another notable viewpoint that is worth a stop. It's situated on the tip of a rocky point that separates the Steinsfjord and the Ersfjord. There's a walkway out over the rocks, offering views of the North Sea in the west and the mountain Oksen in the north.

At the end of the route lies Mefjordvær, a historic fishing village. Stroll out onto the jetty, rest on the benches, and enjoy the nature that envelops you. 

If you're interested in hiking, there are several excellent trails along the route:

  • Flatneset is a 3-mile (4.9-km) hike that's great for families. The trail runs from Straumsnes to Flatneset along the water’s edge and offers amazing views! 
  • Sukkertoppen is a moderate 1.25-mile (2.1 km) hike. There are a couple of steep lengths and some exposure toward the top, including a section with a chain. The peak itself is small, so we recommend hiking this one in the morning to avoid crowds. 
  • Husfjellet is a moderate (2.5-mile) 3.8-km hike with a gradual incline, offering views of the surrounding areas, including the Devil's Jaw! There's a little exposure toward the top but ample room to keep your distance from the edge. 
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