Senja Guided Hiking Tour

Enjoy the view of Segla
Located in the far north of Norway, above the Arctic Circle, you'll find the island of Senja in Troms County. This is the second-largest island in the country and is known for its untamed natural beauty. It's nestled among the coastal mountains dominating the North Atlantic and the green birch forests of the region's interior. Activities include everything from fishing and kayaking to dogsledding under the Northern Lights. Due to its remoteness and vast mountain peaks, Senja is also a great hiking destination.

This hiking excursion takes you along local trails less visited by outsiders. Some hikes are ideal for all ages and difficulty levels, so you needn't worry about a lack of experience.

One hiking option is the path up to an alternate view of the iconic peak Segla via a trail to neighboring Hesten along the mountain's southern side. This trail is quite steep, so wear good hiking shoes and stay to the right as you ascend. At the top, there are wonderful views of the Mefjord, Øyfjord, and the surrounding mountains, while standing on the sheer cliff offers a rush of adrenaline to anyone brave enough to peer over the edge. Keep an eye out for Breidtinden, Senja's highest mountain, to the south.

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Itineraries with Senja Guided Hiking Tour

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This quick-paced yet relaxed Nordic itinerary hits two key spots above the Arctic Circle for travelers keen on skipping high season crowds. You'll start in Tromsø with two days to explore the 'Paris of the North' by foot. From here, travel to Senja, Norway's 2nd largest island, where a local guide who will show you otherworldly coastline, wildlife, fishing villages, and inland lakes and forests. Finish with a Hurtigruten ride through the Norwegian Sea to complete this off-the-beaten-path adventure.

Hiking in Northern Norway and Finland - 10 Days

This 10-day itinerary will take you on a variety of hiking trails in northern Norway and parts of Finland, traversing lush valleys and craggy mountain peaks, wide expanses of tundra and clear glacial rivers. Tackle 5 to 12 miles a day off the beaten path, and immerse yourself in the crisp natural landscapes of the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Senja Island Summer Hiking Excursion - 5 Days

Hiking enthusiasts who seek jaw-dropping scenery will find plenty to gawk at on this five-day road trip. Norway’s second largest island, called Senja, is just as magnificent as the more traveled Lofoten islands. Driving from Tromsø, you'll make your way to the island for two full days of hiking. Finish with a night in Norway's buzzing capital to round out this awesome adventure.

Arctic Norway Summer Road Trip: Tromsø, Senja, Vesterålen & Narvik - 10 Days

Take yourself on a 10-day journey through the Arctic landscapes of northern Norway with this itinerary. You'll explore the craggy coasts, isolated islands, and extensive networks of hiking trails via boat safaris, kayak tours, and your own two legs. Learn about Norwegian history, try to spot eagles, and pet some dogsled huskies along the way.

Best of Norway's Arctic Islands - 13 Days

This fun and fast-paced itinerary explores the best of Norway's stunning Arctic coast. Starting from Tromsø, the 'Paris of the North', you'll head to Senja island, the Vesterålen Islands, and Lofoten Islands, respectively. Choose between a number of scenic outdoor activities as you travel by rental car and Hurtigruten cruise—all under the extended daylight hours of the 'Midnight Sun'—for the ultimate summer adventure.