The Geothermal Vök Baths

Set in East Iceland near the town of Egilsstaðir are the Vök Baths. If you're spending time in the East Fjords region, this hot spring is an excellent stopping point for a little rest and relaxation. Plus, it's unique compared to other thermal baths in the country, as the facility offers serene geothermal floating pools on the gorgeous Lake Urriðavatn—the only floating pool in Iceland.

Although there aren't many hot springs in East Iceland, there are still sources of geothermal heat. The Vök Baths use geothermal power and create the illusion of natural pools to mimic what you might find in nature. These baths are certainly worth the visit, as they offer exceptional views over the lake and surrounding nature, plus some of the cleanest bathing water in the country—it's certified drinkable! 

Besides the floating hot springs, you can also enjoy the steam bath, cold water tunnel, mist shower, tea bar, pool bar, and bistro, all onsite. 

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