Whale Watching in Andenes

Enjoy a winter whale-watching cruise that guarantees whale sightings and takes you through the scenic waters near Norway's famous Andenes Lighthouse. Located between Lofoten and North Cape's tourist destinations, you'll join Norway's largest and most experienced whale-watching provider. 

You'll start with a guided tour of the Andenes Whale Museum, where you'll learn about marine mammal biology and ecology. Discover different whale species, the ocean food chain, and get up-close with whale skeletons. 

Next, board your boat and start the whale-watching adventure. As you sail out into the sea, enjoy the views of snow-capped mountain peaks and rugged islands from inside the warm cabin or outside on the viewing decks. 

Your captain will find whales and other marine wildlife to observe. Some of the most common species include porpoises and puffins, plus orca, humpback, fin, and pilot whales. Your guides will give more information about the animals throughout the cruise, especially as you spot them and observe their behavior. 

On the way back, warm up with a hot bowl of soup, bread, coffee, and tea while watching the final scenes pass you by.

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Itineraries with Whale Watching in Andenes

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This two-week adventure is ideal for travelers who want to make the most of Norway's summer. Start off exploring southern Norway (Oslo, Bergen and the Sognefjord) before flying to the Arctic Circle. From here, you'll rent a car and head to the rugged island of Senja for an active two days of cycling and kayaking before ferrying to smaller Andenes for whale watching. The adventure ends in lively Tromsø and Oslo for festivals and outdoor restaurants.

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