Soul of Croatia

We are a family run business formed by a merry team of seasoned professionals with a passion for tourism.
After eight years of honing our skills and talents we decided to share our knowledge and live our passion in a new way: our very own business. The best practices and experience we collected throughout the years have now been implemented into a new endeavor – with the aim of maximizing our clients’ satisfaction.

As one of our guides would always say: don’t look upon us as your guides, but as friends making the trip more comfortable for you. We don’t smile out of professional courtesy, we smile because we feel that way and because we want to. We don’t do something because we expect something else in return, we do it because it’s the nice and the right thing to do!

We find these thoughts to be both our motto and the cornerstone of our professional policy. We are honest and try not to exaggerate. It would be selfish to say, that with us you’ll get to see the best and the most awesome places in the world, because there are a lot of beautiful locations all across the globe, each special and unique in their own way – and all worth discovering and experiencing. But what we can say is that we hope you get to visit all of such places, wherever they may be, along with our very own little corner of the planet – where we would be delighted to be both your hosts and friends.

We are here to help you experience the grace and beauty of Croatia’s landscapes with the hope of having a great time and an awesome adventure that will make you smile when you return home. Our trips are a mixture between nature, knowledge, culture, food and activities. We created packages that include all of the above with the goal to show you some of the best things Croatia has to offer, but if you wish to make any adaptions more in line with your own preferences we are at your service.

Our name – Anima Croatica – stands for Soul of Croatia in Latin. The name represents our desire to show you the essence of the places you visit: we want to show you both the highlights of a country as well as its hidden domains that are off the beaten path. We wish to share history with you, enjoy home-made food together and take turns toasting for health, love and joy with the best local vines!

Featured trips & expertise

Northern section of the Dalmatian Coast
Dalmatian Coast Self-Drive Tour - 12 Days

The sun always shines on the Dalmatian Coast — one of the most scenic coastal drives in Europe. In 12 days, you'll have the freedom to explore on your own, starting from historic Zagreb and ending at the walls of mighty Dubrovnik with a wide selection of national parks and beautiful coastal towns to stop at along the way.

Aerial View of Dubrovnik
Sailing in Croatia: Everything You Need To Know

With over a thousand islands and a thousand miles of coastline, Croatia is one of the best places in the world to go sailing. You’ll spend a week island hopping, swimming and snorkeling in the blue Adriatic sea, and visit ancient Greek and Roman towns where you can enjoy a cycling, wine tasting or sea kayaking tour.

Swimmers wading in the Adriatic Sea by Zadar
Croatia Family Vacation - 15 Days

Planning a two-week family vacation in Croatia may seem like a daunting task, but with plenty of activities for the family, the choices are endless. This itinerary is filled with time relaxing on the beach in Hvar, scuba diving on the island of Krapanj, swimming in the waterfalls of National Park Krka and taking in the historical sites of the ancient Mediterranean coastal towns of Zadar and Split.