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Serra dos Órgãos Mountain Range
Map of Trek Brazil's Petrópolis-Teresópolis Crossing - 3 Days
Trek Brazil's Petrópolis-Teresópolis Crossing - 3 Days

Trek one of Brazil's most beautiful routes through the lush Serra dos Órgãos National Park — from Petrópolis to Teresópolis. The trail is known for its breathtaking vistas, steep climbs, and high difficulty rating, so get ready for an incredibly rewarding challenge!

TheThree Peak's State Park
Map of Rio de Janeiro Trek: Valley of the Gods - 3 Days
Rio de Janeiro Trek: Valley of the Gods - 3 Days

This trek through Three Peak State Park is one of the top areas for adventure in Brazil. Hike around some of the most famous formations in the Valley of the Gods—known as the "Brazilian Yosemite"—including Dragon's Head Peak and Matchbox Peak, known as the "Miracle Stone" for its unlikely formation. In the evenings, camp in one of the park's most beautiful sites and enjoy dinner under the stars.

Ilha do Pelado, a tropical beach near Paraty
Paraty Beach Trek from Rio - 3 Days

The Paraty wilderness trek is one of Brazil's favorite beach hikes, and it's easy to see why: endless beaches, cascading waterfalls, and sweeping ocean views, all located within the Juatinga Ecological Reserve. Hike 20 miles (32 km) over three days, camping overnight in local fishermen houses and enjoying dinner and sunset on the beach each night. Connections to and from Rio make this an easy and fantastic addition to your Brazil getaway.    

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