This trek through Three Peak State Park is one of the top areas for adventure in Brazil. Hike around some of the most famous formations in the Valley of the Gods—known as the "Brazilian Yosemite"—including Dragon's Head Peak and Matchbox Peak, known as the "Miracle Stone" for its unlikely formation. In the evenings, camp in one of the park's most beautiful sites and enjoy dinner under the stars.


  • Explore Three Peaks State Park, one of Brazil's adventure hotspots
  • Visit the Valley of the Gods, known as the "Brazilian Yosemite"
  • Enjoy fun overnights in one of the park's best campsites

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Teresópolis city and Valley of Gods Parque Estadual Dos Três Picos
Day 2 Three Peaks State Park: Exploring Valley of the Gods Parque Estadual Dos Três Picos
Day 3 Transfer to Friars Valley - Return to Rio  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Teresópolis City - Valley of the Gods

Getting to Valley of Gods base camp
Valley of the Gods base camp

On your first morning, journey from Rio de Janeiro to Teresópolis, the Brazilian capital of mountaineering. After getting your first views of the Serra dos Órgãos mountains, begin your hike to the Valley of the Gods base camp where your tents will be set up—and where your next adventures will begin.

After making camp, hike the trail to Dragon Head, where you will have a 360-degree view of the Valley of the Gods and surrounding mountains, the ideal place to snap some photos—this is one of the most magnificent places in Brazilian mountaineering. Dine at base camp and rest up for another day of adventure.    

Duration: 4-6 hrs
Distance: 3.5 miles (5 km)

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Day 2: Three Peaks State Park

The Giant Matchbox or the Miracles Stone
Giant Matchbox, or the "Miracle Stone"

After breakfast at base camp, start your second day of trekking in the valley.  Take a trail to the base of the rock formation called Matchbox Peak, which is also called the 'Miracle Stone' for the unique and unlikely position in which it rests. From the base of Matchbox, take in the stunning view of the Three Peaks Formation and the trail that you'll follow in the next day to Friars Valley.

After the trail to the Matchbox, you'll have some free time to explore the Valley of the Gods. Those wishing to rest at base camp will be able to do so, and those who wish to venture on secondary trails in the region will leave with the guides.

Return to base camp for dinner, cooked in the wood burning stove.

Duration: 6-8 hrs
Distance: 3.5 miles (5 km) 

Day 3: Friars Valley - Transfer to Rio

Getting to the Frias Valley
Approaching Friars Valley

On the last day of the expedition in the Valley of the Gods, we will hike to neighboring Friars Valley, known as the Brazilian Yosemite. Take in the beautiful views and gigantic rock formations on the way up to a waterfall, where everyone will be invited to swim.

Your van will be waiting at the trailhead to drive you back to Teresópolis. Say goodbye to the Brazilian mountaineering capital and return to your lodging in Rio de Janeiro.

Duration: 4-6 hrs
Distance: 8 km


Map of Rio de Janeiro Trek: Valley of the Gods - 3 Days
Map of Rio de Janeiro Trek: Valley of the Gods - 3 Days